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Program Review Guidelines

I. Overview
Program review and assessment is a requirement of the Idaho State Board of Education and the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities accreditation standards. Colleges/division will use the timeline/schedule identifying when programs are to be reviewed. Program reviews will be due by March 1st each year. For undergraduate and graduate programs in the same discipline, the program reviews should be conducted simultaneously.

All academic and professional-technical certificate and degree programs must have meaningful, assessable outcome measures. All courses must have measurable learning outcomes.

All academic and professional-technical certificate and degree programs, without specialized accreditation, must be evaluated at least once every five years.

All academic and professional-technical certificate and degree programs, with specialized accreditation, must be reviewed on a timeline required by the accrediting body. If the specialized accreditation is not outcomes based, outcome measures must be developed for the program, and provided to the Office of Academic Affairs as part of the institutional program review requirements.

Longitudinal program data are available in the Program Viability web application managed by the Office of Institutional Research, as one component of program review. The following reports are currently available in the Program Viability web application:

Delaware Instructional Courseload

Majors by Fall Term

Minors by Fall Term

Degree Production

Double Major Degrees

Minors Awarded

Class Information

Financial Information

Net Income

Unduplicated Student Headcount by Subject

Special Accreditations

Fall to Fall Retention

FY Student Credit Hour Production

Georgetown Study Idaho Jobs

 Crosswalk CIP Codes

Course List by CIP Code

Faculty SCH Rank

The colleges/division have responsibility to determine how to conduct their program reviews; however, the program review must include a minimum of the following:

II. Process
Academic Program Review (APR) is an integral part of Idaho State University’s ongoing efforts to ensure that our educational mission is being met through the delivery of programs that are effective in meeting their goals through curricula that are current and relevant.  APR provides faculty and academic units the opportunity to reflect upon the content of their programs and delivery of curriculum, assessing its effectiveness and planning for actions to maintain or improve the quality of teaching and scholarship at the institution, and alignment with core themes. Please see ISU's Academic Program Review Plan document for more information about the review process including purpose & rationale, criteria for program selection & schedule, review teams, full vs. modified reviews, process & procedures, unit self-study, external reviewers, and reporting: conclusions and recommendations.

III. Program Review Schedule
Academic Review Schedule - Excel spreadsheet that includes five year External Review Cycle (first tab) and Specialized Accreditation Cycle (second tab).

IV. Resources
Learn how NWCCU relates Standards Two, Standard Three, and Standard Four to program reivew and assessement: NWCCU 2010 Standards.

Program-based and course-based assessment handbooks are available in via the following .pdf's:

For more information about the university's accreditation process, contact Ms. Selena M. Grace gracsele@isu.edu.


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