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Faculty Development Websites

Site Description
Higher Education Resource Hub The goal of this evolving website is to provide a comprehensive collection of information resources in the field of higher education throughout the world. This site include information on assessment, college syllabi, degree programs.
American Council on Education ACE, the major coordinating body for all the nation's higher education institutions, seeks to provide leadership and a unifying voice on key higher education issues and to influence public policy through advocacy, research, and program initiatives. While ACE works with the entire institution, information pertinent to faculty development is available at this site. 
Internet Resources for Higher Education Outcomes Assessment  This site, from North Carolina State University, provides links to many sites at other universities and organizations, dealing with assessment in higher education.
Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Program in Higher Education
The CASTL Higher Education Program is comprised of three components: the Carnegie Scholars program (outstanding scholars design and investigate issues in teaching and learning) the Campus program (campuses work together to cultivate the conditions needed to make a public commitment to foster and support the scholarship of teaching and learning for such work), and the Scholarly and Professional Societies program (a collaboration with organizations that are committed to advancing and supporting the scholarship of teaching and learning in higher education).
Deliberations on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. London Guildhall University. Deliberations is an international website on issues of learning and teaching for the higher education community. It contains articles on teaching and learning and links to related sites and provides an interactive forum for faculty to discuss ideas and problems.
Center for Teaching and Learning. Western Michigan University This site provides material for faculty development, including material on student needs, instructional technology, and teaching enhancement.
National Teaching and Learning Forum The National Teaching & Learning Forum on-line edition-- just like the printed version--offers subscribers stimulating insight from colleagues eager to share new ways of helping students reach the highest levels of learning. For more detail on accessing this resource, contact the ISU Center for Teaching and Learning.
Tomorrow's Professor An e-mail list which distributes biweekly e-mail messages with career tips and information on issues of interest in higher education. The moderator often provides excerpts from books on academic careers. A variety of topics are covered in the e-mail messages. For an article on the e-mail list see The Chronicle of Higher Education. To sign up, send a message to majordomo@lists.stanford.edu with the following message in the body of the text-- "subscribe tomorrows-professor". 


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