Department of Counselor Education and Special Education

The Department of Counselor Education and Special Education offers undergraduate degrees in special education and graduate degrees in several counseling, special education, and school psychology majors.

UNDERGRADUATE students may prepare to be special education teachers in elementary or secondary schools. A bachelors degree major in Human Exceptionality is also offered for individuals who wish to prepare for graduate degree study.

All of the students in the undergraduate programs receive intensive preparation and fieldwork experiences prior to graduation, including work in the award-winning Respite Care Center that is part of the departments services. The Student Council for Exceptional Children professional organization is also very active at Idaho State University and is considered an integral part of each students education.

GRADUATE students may pursue advanced degrees in counselor education, special education, and school psychology.

Counselor Education

Master of Counseling degree majors are offered in Mental Health Counseling, School Counseling, and Student Affairs and College Counseling. All programs require a minimum of two years of graduate study and are fully accredited. In addition to the practicum and internship experiences required in these programs, additional skills development is available in the departments Family Counseling/Parent Education Center.

Educational Specialist degree preparation is offered in the Counseling major and is designed for advanced practitioners in school and community settings. Doctor of Education degree preparation in Counselor Education and Counseling is designed to prepare university faculty members in Counselor Education.

School Psychology

Master of Education degree preparation in the Human Exceptionality major with an emphasis as a school psychological examiner is designed to prepare psychometrists for school and community settings.

Education Specialist degree preparation in the School Psychology major focuses on intervention, consultation, and in-service strategies.

The School Psychology program is accredited by NASP. All students receive extensive field experiences in school settings.

Special Education

Master of Education degree preparation in Human Exceptionality offers emphases in Special Education and Early Childhood Special Education.

Educational Specialist degree preparation in Special Education is designed to prepare directors and consulting teachers for special education programs. The special education graduate programs are fully accredited and contain intensive skill preparation.