Procedures for Professors Soliciting Volunteer Note-Takers

Some students registered with Disability Services may be eligible to receive note-taking provisions as a reasonable accommodation which can be accomplished by obtaining a peer note-taker. The approved accommodation for a volunteer note-taker will appear in the student’s accommodation letter and is not a replacement for attendance.

Volunteer Note-taker Selection

Disability Services will notify you that a volunteer note-taker is needed and whether the student needing services wishes to exchange information with the volunteer note-taker or whether they prefer notes be sent to Disability Services.

Once you are notified of a student needing a volunteer note-taker in your class, Disability Services requests that you make an anonymous announcement that a note-taker is needed for a student in one or more of your courses. The anonymous announcement can be made orally or via email to the class. The student’s identity must be kept confidential when soliciting a volunteer note-taker.

Please provide interested volunteers with the Procedures for Volunteer Note-Takers Document.

If the student needing services wishes to exchange contact information with his/her peer note-taker then arrangements can be made so information can be exchanged and notes can be sent directly to the student. If the student needing services prefers to remain anonymous the volunteer will need to deliver copies of notes electronically to or in person at Rendezvous, room 125. Copies can be made at Disability Services during business hours, 8:00 am-5:00 pm, Monday-Friday (standard hours) and 7:30 am-4:00 pm, Monday-Friday (summer hours). If classes are located at one of our outreach campuses and the volunteer prefers to deliver copies to a central location or needs to make copies they may contact our office at 208-282-3599 so arrangements can be made and/or a location can be determined on his/her behalf.

Should the student needing services request a sample of notes for review, you may ask that the potential volunteer provide you with a sample of his/her notes to share with the student needing the accommodation so he/she may determine if notes are adequate. The student will communicate with you whether the notes are adequate or not. If adequate you may move forward with communicating with the volunteer note-taker that they have been selected to take notes. If the notes are not adequate, please contact Disability Services for further direction.

If no one volunteers to take notes, please contact Disability Services immediately so other arrangements for note taking can be made.

Sample Announcement for Note-takers

“A note-taker will be needed for this course for the duration of the semester. The notes need to be taken on duplicate paper, electronically or copies can be made. If you are interested in serving as a volunteer note-taker please contact me after class, via email or during my office hours to discuss further. Please provide me with a sample of your notes which will be shared with student needing services. You will be notified once a selection has been made.”