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Final Grading

  • All courses must be given a final grade
  • Zero Credit courses - must be given a final grade
  • Any final grades not entered into BengalWeb will require a Grade Change form

Utilize the X grade if it is appropriate!

The X grade (available for any course that is graded with a letter grade) should be used for any student who has either not attended a course or has stopped attending.

  • If an X grade is given, a last date of attendance is required.
  • If a student has never attended, use the first day of class as the last date attended.
  • If a student has never attended or has stopped attending a course that is graded S/U, give the student a U and enter a last date of attendance.

Help with grading

There are instructions for grading available at:
A printable quick guide to using BengalWeb for grading available Here

Midterm Grading

To Be Determined

Summer Term

Students will not see their grades in BengalWeb until the full Summer term has ended and grades are processed.