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Be Advised:
FAR (Fundamentals of Advising & Registration) Sessions

Please first read: The Value of Advising

An ISU Registration Hold is in place for all new ISU freshmen. The hold prevents course enrollment until you complete an online Freshmen Fundamenteals of Advising & Registration (FAR) session. The Registration Hold will be removed within 24 hours after the session has been completed (Monday - Friday).

There are two options for completion of your session:

  1. Online Only:
  2. Online and With Advisor Assistance:
    • Complete the online session and call (208) 282-3277 to reserve a seat in the informative in-person FAR and Course Scheduling session taking place on the Pocatello campus: Central Academic Advising, Museum Building: Rm. 307.
      Please click here for contact info for other campuses.

    • An advisor will provide a review of the FAR session, answer any questions you may have, and assist you in regestering for courses.

    • Please contact Central Academic Advising at (208) 282-3277 if you have any questions.