Remember to meet with a career counselor at the ISU Career Center for more information and assistance regarding career issues. They are located on the Top Floor of the Museum Building, 208-282-2380.

Additional services include:

  • Career Counseling: for students who want to discuss and move farther along in their career decision-making process.
  • COUN 150 - Career and Life Planning course: a 1-credit course focused on increasing students' knowledge of self and careers, with a goal of moving students toward making a career decision.
  • Assessments: the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and the Strong Interest Inventory are available (for a small fee) to help students learn more about their personality preferences and interests.
  • Resume Reviews: to improve important job-search documents.
  • Practice Interviews: to work out some of the nerves that surround interviewing and to receive feedback and helpful tips for interviewing successfully.
  • Job/Internship Search Assistance: let us know if you need some help as you search for jobs or internships.
  • Online Job Vacancies: Bengal Jobs contains on- and off-campus job postings. Register in the Career Center to obtain access.
  • Career Fairs: opportunities to network with representatives from various companies and organizations.
  • On-Campus Recruiting: the Career Center coordinates on-campus interviews for several companies.
  • Other resources: the Career Center has a library as well as a small computer lab; career counselors may also direct you to some other helpful online career resources.
In addition to the Career Center, the Center for New Directions (CND) is a campus resource that exists to "assist individuals in transition to become personally and economically self-sufficient." The CND is located in the RFC building, room 372, on upper campus (College of Technology). Call 282-2454 or stop by for more information.