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Central Academic Advising

Course Styles

Different courses have different styles. When planning your schedule, keep in mind the different styles. Balance your schedule by varying your classes - don't overload on any one course style.


Psychology, sociology, economics, history, and literature are examples of this category. Classes are based upon lectures and require you to complete outside reading. The number of tests may vary and your final grade is often based on two or three exams.


Art, music, drama, and speech are examples of this category and require active participation. A strong emphasis is placed on individual study and self-paced learning. There are usually fewer tests and a large portion of your grade is determined by your attendance and involvement with the material.

Constant Discipline

Mathematics, English composition, foreign languages, accounting, science, and art are examples of this category. The course work in these classes builds on previous class assignments. In order to understand the material, you must attend class regularly, complete your assignments, and study daily.


Foreign language and the bioloical and physical sciences usually have a one-credit lab component in addition to class time. Your lab grade will either be averaged into your course grade or be separate. You must take the lab in the same semester that you take the corresponding class. It is difficult to schedule more that two labs in one semester.

A Special Note Regarding Online Courses

Any of the above courses may be offered as online courses. Online courses are assessed an additional fee of $35 per credit hour. Students taking online courses must be conversant with online learning technologies, detail-oriented, able to meet a variety of online instruction requirements as determined by the insturctor, self-directed, and highly self-disciplined. Online courses are not encouraged for first semester freshman.