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Central Academic Advising

Welcome to ISU!

Central Academic Advising (CAA) at ISU is here to serve all freshmen. You will be receiving emails from CAA throughout your first two years at ISU. Check your ISU Email address often to take advantage of information.

Freshmen are new to college life and are naturally unfamiliar with the expectations, procedures, and even terminology they encounter. Sometimes, the whole process feels a little intimidating and overwhelming. As the director of CAA, I invite you to contact me or any CAA advisor for assistance during this exciting transition to university life. CAA is staffed with both professional and peer advisors who understand university requirements and will help guide you.


What’s Your Major?

It’s not uncommon for students to change their major once, twice, or even more before graduating.

Changing a major or delaying a final choice is not necessarily problematic; but not investigating or delaying investigation of one is problematic. Idaho State University has over 250 majors that are suited to a variety of interests. Make an informed decision.

With the cost of a college education increasing annually; reductions and limits to PELL Grants; stricter requirements for Satisfactory Academic Progress; changes to loan eligibility; reductions to scholarships, etc., it can be extremely costly for students to not have a clear direction, or to change their major after attempting several credits.

Students are advised to take steps each semester toward confirming they have made an appropriate major choice or toward discovering the most appropriate major for themselves.

CAA Advises You to Investigate Your Major

The advisors in Central Academic Advising are here to offer excellent guidance and support as you begin your college career. Come see us!

Best wishes for a very successful freshman year!

JoAnn Hertz