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First Semester Sample Schedules for International Students without SAT, ACT, or Compass Scores at the Time of Registration

The suggested first semester plans linked below where created for students who come to ISU without SAT, ACT, or Compass scores in English and Math. Students should register for the suggested courses before they arrive at ISU and after they have completed the appropriate online advising session at Students can make changes to their class schedules until the 10th day of classes.

If you have test scores please email us at for assistance. Include your name and ISU ID.

If your major is not listed below, please send an email to with your name and ISU ID number and ask for a suggested first semester class schedule.

After students arrive on campus, they are advised to take the Math Compass Placement test. Math progression is very important for all science and engineering majors if they want to complete their program of study in 4 years.
Students who have SAT or ACT or Compass test scores, are advised to email to request a first semester suggested schedule based on their test scores. See email example below.
If your major is not listed in the first semester suggested sample schedules for students without ACT or SAT test scores, please Send an email to with the Subject Line: First Semester Class Schedule needed.

We will then send you a suggested first semester schedule.