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To be as successful as possible, check your ISU email frequently. Official University communication is sent to your ISU email address. If you don't check your ISU email, you'll miss out on critical information that you need to succeed as a student. It's recommended that you check your email every day, and more often as necessary.

If you already have another email account and you'd like to keep using it instead of your ISU account, you must set up forwarding so that you will receive your important mail. Go to to find out how. However, consider making your ISU email your primary address. Your account is good for life, and it comes with many helpful features that will make life as a student easier.


In addition to the messages sent to you by email, many important announcements are posted on your homepage in BengalWeb, ISU's Internet portal. To check here daily, just go to, and sign in.

BengalWeb is the gateway to all of the University's essential electronic resources - tools for registration and checking your grades, finding things in the library, participating in classes that may have online components, and more. BengalWeb also brings you all the most important information you need about ISU. There you will find campus news and also links that will help you find out about advising, housing, costs of attendance, financial aid, what you can do to have fun, etc.

Learn How to Get the Most from BengalWeb

For more information on all of the web and computer services provided to ISU students, go to For help with any of these services, or to get answers to other questions related to software, hardware, or networking, contact the IT Service Desk: or 208-282-4357(HELP).