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Central Academic Advising

Time Management

  1. Balance your activities - plan to spend time doing a variety of activities: classes, eating, sleeping, recreation, and homework. Make sure you do something fun every now and then to take a break from your studies!!
  2. Give yourself a time and place to study - the average amount of time is three hours of study time per week per credit in each course! Build this time into your daily schedule so it becomes natural. Also, try to study in the same place, at the same time, to form a habit.
  3. Make a schedule - and stick to it! If you must alter your schedule, don't just give up, get back on schedule as soon as possible.
  4. Put important due dates on a calendar - and include dates you need to begin work on these projects. Count backwards and give yourself plenty of time.
  5. Study immediately after class while everything is still fresh, or anytime you have an hour or two between classes.
  6. Don't cram - try to study on a regular basis, for 1 1/2 to 2 hours at a time, remaining alert and concentrating on the subject at hand.
  7. Get together with other students and study in a group - this can give you insights and information you might have missed in your own notes.