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Central Academic Advising

The Value Of Advising

"Advising is the cornerstone of a successful University experience."

Central Academic Advising (CAA) is responsible for advising new freshmen, undecided sophomores, and pre-social work majors. Additionally, it serves as a general advising resource for all other students and faculty.

Faculty Advisors are prepared to provide the most current information not only about courses and majors, but about their fields of expertise as well. Advising also helps students develop professional relationships with advisors. These relationships can pay big dividends for years to come in the form of career tips, job references, letters of recommendation, internships, graduate school applications and more. Don't wait. Make an advising appointment today! Advisors and advisees have a shared responsibility when it comes to the advising relationship.

Students can expect advisors to: Advisors can expect students to:

Central Academic Advising Syllabus

Click on the CAA Learning Outcomes and the Central Academic Advising syllabus, both of which outlines the benefit of utilizing Advising resources while pursuing educational goals at Idaho State University.

Please Take Note

Freshman are required to complete an advising session through CAA (either in-person or online) prior to each of their first two semesters at ISU. All students are encouraged to complete an in-person session. Online sessions are accessible from the Fundamentals of Advising & Registration on the left menu bar.

Transfer students must complete the Online Transfer Advising session, accessible from the Fundamentals of Advising & Registration link on the left menu bar. They are also encouraged to meet with a faculty member in their major as soon as possible.

NOTE: Students who petition for acceptance to the University and are admitted must attend an in-person Advising session.

Students who are on probation must complete the Online Probation Workshop, accessible from the left menu bar, and are encouraged to meet with a faculty member in their major or with a CAA advisor if they are undecided about their major.