About Us

1901 aims to enhance your experience as an Idaho State student. 1901 is one of the most active ASISU-recognized clubs on campus. 1901 provides unique opportunities for you to network with alumni and other students. Get involved with 1901 to strengthen and widen your connections within the Bengal community, both here on-campus and with those already out in the workforce!

What is 1901?

1901 works to facilitate interactions between students and alumni. We enhance the student experience by providing opportunities that strengthen loyalty to ISU.

1901ís Goals

  1. Promote, develop and protect ISU tradition and community.
  2. Connect Idaho State students and alumni.
  3. Plan and facilitate on- and off-campus events each academic year.
  4. Work to enhance and beautify the ISU campus.
  5. Educate alumni about student life and activities.
  6. Introduce students to the ISU Alumni Association.
  7. Advocate for ISUís general wellbeing and success.

How do I Join?

Join online right now by filling out the form below! Weíre at many ASISU and Alumni Association events, including student organization fairs, the Week of Welcome, Homecoming, football tailgates and so many others. Look for us! We canít wait for you to be a part of 1901!

Executive Officers

President- Blake Benson (bensblak@isu.edu)

Vice President- Raven Loveday (loverave@isu.edu)

Director of Improvement- Kyley Sweet (sweekyle@isu.edu)

Director of History- Nelson Bishop (bishnels@isu.edu)

Director of Connection- Makayla Campbell (campmaka@isu.edu)

Advisor- Ryan Sargent (sargryan@isu.edu)


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209