Course Changes at Idaho State University

Course Scheduling and Changes

Academic departments must provide the Office of the Registrar with the contact information for the individual who will be the primary person interacting with the University Scheduler. This person will be referred to as the Department Scheduler.

Prior to the scheduling period each semester, the Office of the Registrar will provide Deans, Department Chairs, and the Department Scheduler with the Course Scheduling Timetable (which establishes production dates and deadlines) and the Course Scheduling Worksheet. Academic departments are responsible for determining course offerings and submission of schedule information in a timely manner, no later than the specified deadlines. It is also important that departments accurately identify enrollment requirements and all A/V, projector, and technology needs on the first draft of the schedule.

Requests for course modifications must be submitted via email to the University Scheduler by the Department Scheduler on the Course Scheduling Worksheet. Faculty, instructors, and Graduate Assistants must make requests through their appointed Department Scheduler.

Instructor assignments must be provided as early as possible to ensure that students have a point of contact for registration overrides and in order for textbook information to be assigned and linked to the class schedule. Faculty will not be able to access section assignments, class rosters, wait lists, Moodle accounts, etc., via BengalWeb unless they have been assigned as the instructor of record for a course.

Departments are required to immediately notify University Scheduling of course cancellations, class limit increases/decreases, day/time changes, instructor changes, and classroom assignment requests.

For course scheduling and definitions, see Course Scheduling Terms and Definitions.

For Frequently Asked Questions, see Course Scheduling FAQ.

If you require assistance with Course Scheduling, please contact the University Scheduler

Contact Information:
University Scheduler
Campus Box 8196
Pocatello, ID 83209

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