Final Exam and Closed Week at Idaho State University

Final Exam and Closed Week Policy

Any final examination must be conducted during the officially scheduled time slot except in laboratory classes or laboratory sections where the final examination may be conducted during the last regularly scheduled class session. Any exceptions to this policy may be allowed only on an individual student basis, to be arranged between the professor and the student.

Other required tests or quizzes on which the professor bases any part of the grade are prohibited during the seven calendar days immediately preceding the first day of final examination week except in performance sections, night classes, 8-week courses, and summer sessions.

Graduate-level courses and activities are exempt from this closed week and final exam policy.

  1. Final examination week will be the last week of fall and spring semesters.

  2. Exams for all Saturday classes are held during their normal Saturday time slot.

  3. Scheduling of final examinations during summer sessions will be arranged by the instructor. Students will be informed of the schedule prior to the week of the final examination.

  4. The normal time for a final examination is two hours.

  5. Students with conflicting final examinations in one day may request a prior scheduling of one final examination at a different time with their instructor.

  6. The University annual calendar includes two academic study days each semester. The academic study days are scheduled two calendar days directly following Closed Week and directly preceding Final Examination Week. (Note: Saturday classes are exempt from the Academic Study Day Policy.)

  7. When the two days directly following Closed Week fall on Saturday, Sunday, or both, those days are designated as academic study days. No undergraduate classes are held during academic study days. For academic study days falling Monday through Friday, faculty will schedule office hours.

For Reasons of Disability

  1. Students with verifiable disabilities that require examination modifications will be accommodated in compliance with state and federal laws. This includes students with mobility, hearing, and vision impairments, as well as those with learning disabilities, psychological disorders, and other functional impairments.

  2. If requested by a student with a disability, Disability Services will determine whether modifications are necessary, and in consultation with the instructor, arrange for the needed modifications. Students may choose to make such arrangements directly with the instructor.

  3. If students or faculty have any questions, they should call Disabilty Services at 282-3599.

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