Grading Policies at Idaho State University

Course Grading System

Idaho State University uses letter grades with the four (4) point maximum grading scale. The grade A is the highest possible grade, and a grade of F is considered failing. Plus (+) or minus (-) symbols are used to indicate grades that fall above or below the letter grades. The grades of A+, F+, and F- are not used. For purposes of calculating grade points and averages, the plus (+) is equal to .3 and minus (-) equals .7 (e.g., a grade B+ is equivalent to 3.3 and A- is 3.7). A student's work is rated in accordance with the following definitions:

Four Point Grading Scale
A 4.00 excellent performance
A- 3.70 excellent performance
B+ 3.30 good performance
B 3.00 good performance
B- 2.70 good performance
C+ 2.30 adequate performance
C 2.00 adequate performance
C- 1.70 adequate performance
D+ 1.30 marginal performance
D 1.00 marginal performance
D- 0.70 marginal performance
F 0.00 unacceptable performance
X 0.00 did not attend or stopped attending, no basis for grade

Courses in which any A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+ or C grade is earned are always acceptable toward an undergraduate program and graduation requirements unless specifically excluded for a particular course, program or degree. Courses in which a C-, D+, D or D- grade is earned are acceptable towards graduation requirements. No credits are awarded for any course in which an F or X grade is earned. A grade of C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-, F, or X is considered failing for students pursuing graduate level programs or degrees. For additional information, refer to the current stated policy in the following:

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