Course Repeat at Idaho State University

Course Repeat

There are some courses that may be repeated any number of times. However, many departments limit the number of times a course can be repeated or limit the number of repeatable credits. Please check the appropriate Academic Catalog for more information. If there is no information on repeating the course in the catalog, it should be assumed that the course can be taken only once.

A course in which an F grade is earned must be repeated if that course is required for graduation. Courses in which a D grade is earned must be repeated if the major department so requires. Also, a student may elect to repeat a course provided he/she has not completed a course for which that course was a prerequisite.

The Office of the Registrar will mark repeated courses on the student record and remove the credits of the original course from computation for the cumulative grade point average. The original course and grade will remain on the student's transcript.

Students should be aware of Financial Aid policy for repeating courses while receiving federal financial aid.

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