Schedule Change at Idaho State University

Schedule Changes

Students may add/drop from a course via BengalWeb prior to the deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar.

For schedule change deadlines in regard to Add, Drop, Audit, Pass/No Pass, and Withdrawal options, please refer to the correct semester dates located in the current Academic Calendar.

If a student is unable or unwilling to attend any or all classes for which they have registered, it is the student's responsibility to drop or withdraw via their BengalWeb. An instructor may assign a student an "X" (failure for non-attendence) grade at mid-term if a student has not attended the class.

A department may use the Faculty Initiated Add Form to add a cohort of students to a course during the current semester's published drop/add period. This form is not to be used for (a) registration permit or major code overrides, or (b) individual student schedule change cards.

An instructor may expedite dropping student(s) from a course prior to the current semester's published drop/add period by using the Faculty Initiated Drop Form. This form may be used to (a) drop students who are in violation of a published non-attendance policy, if such a policy is enforced, or (b) drop students who do not meet published pre-requisites for a course.

Note: This form is valid only during published add/drop periods and is not to be used in lieu of assigning an "F" or "U" or "X" during grading periods.

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