Distance Learning at Idaho State University

Idaho State University Distance Learning

There are four different types of Distance Learning courses offered:

  1. Video Conference Course -ViCC
  2. Web Supplemented (Moodle or other type of web supplementation)
  3. Idaho Education Network -IEN
  4. Fully Online/Web Courses. These courses are offered dependent upon departmental need and availability of resources at the distant location.

ViCC - Video Conference Classroom

ViCC classes feature two-way, audio/video communication with the instructor present at one site. Available sites include: Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, and Meridian. Classrooms generally have a technician on-site. Students participate in class discussions through either keyed or open microphones and video cameras in the room. ViCC classes may also involve other technology components including web-based activities. It is essential that the course and class information pages or the individual department or instructor be consulted for the most complete information.

Because ViCC courses are so popular and there are limited sites available, conflict resolution discussions are held with departments each semester after the first draft of Course Scheduling has been submitted. All ViCC courses must be requested during the first draft of course scheduling or they will not be prioritized. Approved Distance Learning/ViCC courses will be reflected on the class schedule.

All course changes must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar in a timely matter to ensure notification to all interested parties. To control such processing, changes must be made via the Course Scheduling Worksheet. Once changes have been approved by ETS, the University Scheduler will process the changes daily.

Web Supplemented (Moodle or other type of web supplementation)

Web Supplemented courses are those that require the use of the internet, email, special software or other technologies. These technology enhancements may result in “reduced seat time,” meaning fewer classroom sessions. Internet use, off-site computing capabilities or other technology requirements may apply. It is essential that the course and class information pages or the individual department or instructor be consulted for the most complete information.

Idaho Education Network-IEN

Idaho State University has the ability to connect to the IEN, which is a statewide network involving Idaho school districts. Students within the state of Idaho could potentially have a Fully Online or Video Conference course that is being offered by ISU sent to an IEN site. All IEN course requests must be approved by the Office of the Registrar and the Educational Technology Services department prior to the start of classes.

Fully Online/Web Course

Fully Online/Web Courses are Internet and technology-driven. Fully Online/Web Courses may require an initial organizational meeting, or some meetings for exams or other group exercises. These courses generally involve web-based activities and/or the use of multi-media and specific software components. Access to up-to-date computing resources and fast internet connectivity may be essential. Students may be required to maintain a set pace through course activities, including web-based quizzes and testing. Some classes may also require participation in online learning communities, including timely readings and postings to discussion lists.

For Frequently Asked Questions see Course Scheduling Workcopy FAQ.

Contact Information:
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