Judicial Branch

The Associated Students of Idaho State University Supreme Court consists of five full time students. Appointments to the court are made by the president and confirmed by the senate. Students serve on the court for two years. The Supreme Court has jurisdiction over the interpretation of the ASISU Constitution and Bylaws.

The Student Supreme Court shall have the original and final jurisdiction in any and all matters of the Association which require the exercise of judicial powers.

The Court shall decide all cases involving complaint or controversies arising under its Constitution, Bylaws, and Procedures, including election complaints.

 ASISU Supreme Court

Supreme Court Chief Justice

Supreme Court Chief Justice Heaton Oakes

Supreme Court Justices

Supreme Court Justice Erik Ekstrom
Supreme Court Justice Sandra Carrillo
Supreme Court Justice Huibre Botes
Supreme Court Justice Jaycie Jorgensen


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209