Candidates are encouraged to submit a statement about why they are running and what they plan to do for their constituents if they are elected.

Executive ticket candidates: less than 500 words Senator/Idaho Falls VP candidates: less than 250 words


ARTS & LETTERS (4 Seats)

Andres Zamora

My name is Andres Zamora and I am running for ASISU Senate for the college of Arts and Letters. The reason I am running is because I feel like there is more that ISU can do for the students, and I would like to be one of the senators that work on getting information out to the students and to help students get more involved. If I am re-elected I will continue to work hard to help my constituents to get the most out of their college experience.

Benjamin Harker

Ladies and gentlemen, I ask for the opportunity to represent us in the ASISU senate as arts and letters senator. My goal is to represent us. I bring experience as a Political science Major and Fine Arts minor with a background in other disciplines. I best l represent the diverse people of our college. International students and students with children will find a voice in my representation. I will speak for Students from Malad, Idaho Falls, Soda or any of our other communities who sacrifice so much to be here. This task is one that I take seriously and I will execute the duties with zeal and according to the wishes of the students not according to my own philosophy. I look forward to representing our diverse and talented college. I will conduct regular informal polls and offer an open office policy in order to better act within the wishes of my constituents. I bring to the table a work ethic and life experience that is needed right now. My platform is one of communication and co-operation not blind collaboration. Our best interests are at stake as fees rise and classrooms swell. We as students are the customer and the beneficiary of sound policy or poor management. Arts and letters students are some of the finest at ISU and I am proud to be amongst you.

Jacob Hall

As a representative of the College of Arts and Letters, I am running for the office of Senator with the aspirations and intent to improve the quality of student life on campus- for both those who reside either on or off campus. I believe that an institution of higher learning such as ISU needs the vibrant spirit of school pride within its students and should offer the reasonable accommodations to facilitate such pride. As senator I will lobby for increased rights for our student population, such as an official student section at athletic and ISU hosted community functions. As the quality of student life and spirit resounds within our school, student performance is sure to be enhanced. I know of the difficulties that many face with finding adequate parking space at a price students can afford. I hope to inspire a new vision that will make the campus more accessible to the many students who study at ISU. As a senator I will seek to be open to advice, listen to your concerns, and strive to represent my constituents as they would wish to be represented.

Kayla Luke

Dear Fellow Students,
My name is Kayla Luke and I am from Boise Idaho. I am currently a sophomore majoring in English and minoring in biology in hopes of going to law school. I am also a Resident Assistant in Rendezvous and absolutely love it! It has been a great way to meet people and get involved with, as well as attend, a multitude of activities on campus. I am also involved in helping to bring two new clubs on campus, the Green-Up Club and Women’s Lacrosse Club. I believe that involvement on campus is a great way to enrich the college experience through meeting others and promoting personal growth. I am running for the College of Arts and Letters because I would like to encourage the involvement of students on campus as well as for my own personal experience. If elected, I will be available to my constituents and open to ideas as to how to create a better campus life for everyone at Idaho State University. I believe that it is important to be available for fellow students and have the ability to address their needs and concerns. I would work to provide involvement opportunities for students to develop interpersonally, intellectually, culturally, and creatively. We are all part of this great community and I will work hard to make it even better! Go Bengals!

Morgan Pitcock

My name is Morgan Pitcock and I am running to be a senator for the College of Arts & Letters. I am a History major with a minor in Political Science and am running because I can provide good representation to my fellow students. I plan to offer a wide array of availability to my fellow students, especially in contacting me about issues they are passionate about. I want to be the voice that my constituents can count on being heard when issues they are concerned with come about. I am currently a Resident Assistant for ISU Housing and in my job I am a resource to my residents and also someone they can come to if they would like an issue to be addressed. I would like to carry the resource aspect on if I am elected Senator. I would also like to continue to push my fellow students to be involved in on campus clubs as they are an integral part of campus life as they represent the ideals and interests of the students. As a Senator I would like to push for the issues to be addressed that my constituents would like to see resolved, also any issues that could potentially be those to affect my constituents or the university as a whole. The College of Arts & Letters is a very diverse college from the degrees to the people within and I would like to have the opportunity to represent such a diverse group.

Sam Johnson

From the very beginning I've wanted to be a part of something much bigger than just being a traditional student. It's always been a part of who I am to strive to be a part of the change making process and be a person that someone feels they can rely on. With the leadership positions that I have held in the past, Senate would prove to be a challenge for me and would expand my horizons and knowledge on the ways that people work together far beyond friendships and forced class activity. It would be hard, but extremely rewarding as well. Because of the experiences that I have had and witnessed, I am passionate about having a voice and doing what I can to make sure that others are heard, which is why I am running for Senate this semester. Ultimately I care about being a part of the change making process and helping people have their voices heard because being a student means far more to me than just going to classes and working towards my degree. Though I don’t have a descriptive platform of exact things that I want to change or make better for ISU, if I am elected into Senate my goal would be to learn more about what I can do for ISU in the years to come and how to make certain that those who do want changes for ISU can have their desires heard.


Kyle D. Son

I have always believed that the key to success is believing in what you do. This is why I believe I am the right candidate for the ASISU College of Business Senator. I have had the pleasure of working as a Senate Page in the Idaho State Legislature. I have led small teams, as well as worked individually in Business Professionals of America to excel to state and national competitions. I am a member of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity. As of recently I had the privilege of becoming an intern with Idaho Central Credit Union. Only weeks into the internship I had the opportunity to become an employee with the same Credit Union. Throughout all of the different opportunities I have had in my life, I have learned valuable leadership and personal skills. Skills that I strongly believe qualify me for the College of Business’ Senate seat. Every day I have the pleasure of meeting and helping new people. Throughout all of my experiences I have made it a point to work vigorously and meticulously to do the best job I can, and help people to the best of my ability. As your senator, I will do exactly that. I’ll pay close attention to every piece of legislation that goes through the process, while keeping College of Business students informed on how issues will impact them. I promise to make every decision with your best interests at heart. My name is Kyle Son, and I would appreciate your vote for ASISU Senator.

Shawn Kelsch

My name is Shawn Kelsch, I am running for the position of College of Business Senator. I am here to support the students of ISU along with being the voice for the College of Business Students. I would like to make sure that I am available for any student needing help along with making sure that the students of the College of Business is heard as a whole. One of the biggest things I believe happened within the last year is that decisions were made without the students’ voice being heard or a very slight few. As a Veteran and a member of Alpha Kappa Psi (Professional Business Fraternity) I will lead from the front and make sure all students are heard.


Bea Valencia

Change, is something not everyone is fond of, something that may or may not scare some of us. Change should always be for the better, to learn and grow from experiences. College of Education has gone through some changes throughout the years that have worked, and some that have not, with this change today we have the successful program that we have today. If voted into the office of College of Education Senator, I would love to see positive change in not only the students, but the way information is given to them. The information given to students is important and can help the students go in the direction they need to go. I would love to try new and exciting ways to communicate information to the students, to learn from them and to see what they would like from the College of Education. Having a set time and date each month to talk with Professors and Advisors at a casual meet and greet would be something I’d like to consider. Possibly even having event nights with the students, and having open questions. If we do not know how the students feel about how their program is being ran, there may not be the efficient improvement we need. Information and how it is gathered is very viral and important, I feel that if elected to office I would find every way possible for students to get together and express their concerns. “By Teaching…We Learn”

Hailey Hudson

Dear Fellow Students, My name is Hailey Hudson and I am currently a junior majoring in Exercise Science and minoring in Psychology. I am running for ASISU Senator for the College of Education because I believe that being involved is important. I am currently involved in many different clubs and would like to continue my involvement by running for the College of Education Senate seat. Representing the College of Education is important to me because I would like to see our University function to the utmost of its ability, and I believe I can help to achieve this. If I were elected in to the Senate, I would push to see Idaho State University move forward in involvement by promoting individuality and student success rate. I want to encourage and inspire people to excel in areas beyond academics. College is an opportunity to discover not just a future career path, but the person one desires to be. I think that some students are unaware of the opportunities our University has to offer them. I would like to have a chance to show them and encourage their growth in their individuality, whether it comes through being involved with a specific culture, major, or simply what they enjoy doing in their spare time. We are a University full of students who experience development in academics, relationships, and overall personal growth. These experiences are what I will continue to encourage.


Beau James

My name is Beau James and I am running for the position of Graduate student senator. I have only recently learned more about what ASISU does and how it serves the student body. I am interested in running in this senate race because I am looking for something that can broaden my horizons and take me outside of my comfort zone, while at the same time allowing me to meet and serve more students that I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to encounter. If I am elected, I look forward to helping further the student body by first, keeping the interest of each student in mind, and second, trying to represent them in the best way I know how. If elected I will try and incorporate the activities on campus as well as the multiple campaigns (Be, etc.) and focus them to the non-traditional student as well as the graduate student. By keeping the students’ interests in mind I hope to be a good representative for those in the graduate programs here at ISU and in result grow as an individual.

Deanna Gende

My name is Deanna Gende and I am interested in running for graduate senator for ISU. All throughout my college career (both undergraduate and graduate) I have enjoyed being involved on campus and making a difference within my university. As a first year graduate student here at ISU it has been hard to get involved on campus and getting to know people outside of my program. Also, I feel as though the program currently is not being promoted well enough through the graduate student program and there are not enough programs geared towards the graduate student population. In doing this, I will create and promote events within the programs that will attract the graduate student community. I want to make that change and reach out to the graduate student population and make them feel more at home. I also want them to look back on their experience as an alumni and reminisce on the people they met and memories they made over their time spent at ISU. I will put 110% percent into being a senator that keeps my ears open to everyone's ideas and thoughts. In this, I promise to fulfill these goals and work my hardest to become an amazing graduate senator. Let me know if you have any questions for concerns!


Clint Brock

We all pay some student fees that are specifically for ASISU. Many students are not aware that this is where certain parts of the student fees go. My goals are to make sure we as a student governing body spend that money responsibly and also to educate the students of the colleges of health sciences about how that money can help them. A few of these ways include information of campus activities where some of that money is spent and also being part of a club. I have been on the Senate for the past year and know how to do the job and what is required of me. I am in the Bachelors of nursing program and I understand how demanding a health science program is. I can and will represent you and will make myself available for any and all of your needs. Please vote for me.

Dana Rollins

My name is Dana Rollins and I am currently a student in the school of nursing. I have been a student at ISU and part of this community since 2007. Being part of ISU for several years I have become increasingly passionate about ISU and the students who attend here. If elected senator I plan to communicate diligently with my fellow constituents, working closely with students and enhancing communication I will be able to better represent their voices, decisions, and opinions. I feel confident to fulfill my duties if elected as senator. I have experience being a senator this current school year and also have served as the president for the ISU Korean Club. Aside from representing my fellow students I also plan to promote Bengal pride and hope to increase campus activity. Regardless of our chosen major we all can share a commonality in pride for our school. I feel that it is important for each student to get the most out of their college experience and to make lifelong connections.

Kellyn Fuller

I am running for senate because I want to see the Idaho State University student senate more involved and being leaders on campus. My goal as a senator is to ensure that each student in the College of Health Sciences is aware that I am representing them. I hope to be a face that they can see on campus leading students each and every day. I will to be approachable and ensure that any student can come to me with their problems or concerns at any time. I want all students in my college and clubs that I represent to know that I will be their voice to other student government officials and get things done. I enjoy holding leadership positions because I have a “doer” mentality and an energetic personality. I am not the kind of person to sit back and complain about things and not make a change. I will to stick to my promises and fulfill my duties with a positive attitude. I am currently a Student Ambassador and I enjoy being a leader that prospective students can look up to and answer their questions. I love the leadership opportunity that the ISU student senate has to offer and I cannot wait to take advantage of the experience. VOTE FOR KELLYN FULLER - COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES

Rachel Munson

As a Senator of Health Science, I will support and help make the best decisions for students in the College of Health Science. I will uphold the ISU constitution, and represent ISU proudly at events. The time I have spent here at ISU in my classes, in the nursing program, and at the many events and activities on campus has been some of the best experiences of my life. Go Bengals! Thank you!

Sam Matamoro

My name is Samantha Alexiss Matamoros and I would be honored if you nominated me for Senator for the College of Health Professions. If elected, I can only promise to do my best in helping review and pass acceptable proposals regarding coursework, policies and any other concerns that may arise during my year in office. I strongly believe that education is vastly important for all of us to be successful and I will try my hardest to make the college experience the best it can be for my fellow constituents and for the future scholars as well. I believe that I would make a great candidate because I am very well organized and I feel like people can reach out to me and express any concerns. I am also bilingual in Spanish so I will be eager to reach out to the Hispanic community for insight as well to make this university the best it can be even for international students. Again I would be greatly honored if you nominated me for the Senator for the College of Health Professions and look forward to hearing from you all.

Tynan O’Neil

My name is Tynan O'Neil and I am a Junior pre-med student majoring in Health Care Administration. I was born and raised in Boise Idaho but spent a lot of time at my grandparents' home in Pocatello. I am an ISU Ambassador, cheerleader, Bengal Mentor, and president of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars on campus. As a senator for the College of Health Sciences, I promise to be a visible element of the ASISU senate who is present in all aspects of campus life. I will make every effort to serve the students of our college. As a pre-med health care administration student, I am well rounded and can relate to the various aspects of the broad college of Health Sciences. If elected, I will seek to know your needs. I promise to be involved in all things ISU and to be there for the students of our college every step of the way. I promise to fight tooth and nail for you personally and the representation of our college on campus. Thank you for your support. Together we will improve the College of Health Sciences and Idaho State University.


Nelson Bishop

My name is Nelson Bishop. I recently returned to ISU from a two year volunteer mission in Japan. It's great to be back at school and I wanted to get more involved with our school so I decided to take the opportunity to run as a senator for the student body. There is a fine line between doing things effectively and efficiently. The former being doing things adequately to accomplish a purpose and the latter being functioning in the best possible way. I want to try and do both of these things for students by becoming more hands on with what is going on around ISU. I'm a hard worker and won't let you guys down. Thanks for your support!


Andrew Hoth

More than anything else, ISU’s greatest asset lies in its community. I am always impressed at how friendly we are when I walk across the campus, be it to my next chemistry class or to a physics seminar. Yet for some reason, ISU science and engineering feels under-represented. In most fields, as it is nationally, it is rare to find women scientists and engineers. In addition, many minorities are under-represented. I would love to do what I can to assist under-represented groups in these areas, as well as improving research opportunities and campus resource access as best as I can for scientists and engineers. Also, I want to represent YOU. If elected, you’ll find me alternating various lounges every week, discussing issues of importance with the people that make up our college. And remember, vote for Hoth!

K Tyler Bodily

I decided to run as an ASISU senator of the College of Science and Engineering because I would like to represent the students of the College of Science and Engineering and help meet their needs and resolve their concerns. If elected as a senator, I will keep my constituents informed with things that are happening on campus so that they can be involved. I will work closely with the clubs within the College of Science and Engineering to help them know of opportunities to promote their club on campus. I will also work with the clubs to help them inform students of their activities so that they can get the necessary support and involvement from students. As an ASISU senator and as a member of the United Students party, I will do all that I can to accurately represent my constituents and promote campus involvement.

Max Daniels

Hello Reader, My name is Max Daniels. I would appreciate your vote for Senator of the College of Science and Engineering. The school senate has always been something of interest to me. I have friends who are currently senators as well as friends who have been senators in the past and they have said nothing but good things about the experience. I have attended several senate meetings as a representative for various clubs and the entire process of senate has been intriguing to me. I want to be a part of the Idaho State University senate because I can represent our college in a positive way. It is my promise if elected senator to represent both separate factions of our college equally. It is my goal to bring together both engineering and science to fight for common goals. I promise that I will make spending at our university as fair as possible to every college including our own. If elected I will not run with a party and I will not follow the lead of another college’s senator. I will do what is best for the college of science and engineering and its constituents. I can’t do it alone though. I need your input on how to make our college the very best it can be. So finally I simply ask for your vote.Thanks, Max Daniels


ISU student government can initiate and cultivate the potential leaders for the next generation from its student -who bear profoundly comprehended expertise, wide range of horizon, influencing initiative and international visibilities. My name is Mirazun Nahar Mitu but most of you know me as Mitu. I've decided to run for Senator of the College of Science and Engineering. I am running because I believe that student government (ASISU) should be a place that’s truly bring the required positive changes for support and improvement of our education and campus lives through incorporating the students opinions, issues, problems, interests, suggestions and voice in a transparent and well-informed basis. My goal is to ensure entire students have access to all information in time that affects their education and lives on campus and will engage and involve students on the issues affecting their campus life. I strongly support the idea that ASISU can make a difference by cutting the costs and worries of students’ whatever manners are able to and will ensure campus life easy. I look forward to working with you and for you. Your opinion matters. I deeply want to see us to continue to grow, improve and become great. I would greatly appreciate your vote!


Cameron R Butler

I, Cameron R Butler, am running to be a senator for the College of Technology. I am running for this office because I feel that I can improve College of Technology's representation in the senate. By helping the college be more aware of senate actions, I believe we can increase student involvement and participation in University functions. Having attended the College of Technology for two year I know that we often not involved in anything outside the college and often don't even know when other events are happening. Because of this many of us do not even feel like part of a university. I want to change that. While I am new to student government I believe I will have a fresh perspective and new Ideas, to work with the special problems faced by the College of Technology. My goals as a senator for the college of tech are to:

  • Increase involvement
  • Let the Clubs know that the senate is there for them and to keep them informed
  • Use the clubs to get the news out for events and other University activities
  • Increase unity between the College of Technology and the University


Elizabeth Kidd & Tiffany Sawin

I have lived on campus at Idaho State University for two of my three years here and Tiffany Sawin has lived on campus all three years. This year, both of us have had the opportunity to work as resident assistants for ISU Housing. This experience, as well as previous years in the residence halls, has given us a firsthand look at the positive effects of being a part of a community during college. As ASISU President and Vice President, we would bring the passion we have for connecting people in the residence halls to all the Bengals. First, we would work closely with the Involvement Center as well as on-campus organizations to increase participation. Our goal with the Involvement Center is to re-model their current website and include up to date contact information for presidents and advisors, meeting times, dates and places and upcoming events. Additionally, we want to educate students about how to start their own clubs. This would provide more opportunities for a greater number of students to get involved in Idaho State University. We would also push for more major-specific clubs. Our goal is more campus involvement and what better starting point than within their program with people who want the same things as them? In a more specific club-related idea, we want to push for a campus wide spirit association to attend athletic events. Being Bengals is something we all have in common, a connection. To build a community, we need to capitalize on these connections. Throughout the beginning steps of this campaign process, many students, especially younger students, were unaware of what ASISU was or what it does for them. As president and vice president, Sawin and I would host periodical addresses, similar to a State of the Union address, to tell students what ASISU has done for them as well as what we are working on. The students elect ASISU officers, and they should be entitled to firsthand information about what those elected officials are doing for them. As I mentioned before, we are both RAs. We live and breathe Idaho State University, see what it needs and understand its diversity. We are on track to graduate in four years, so we understand the struggle to balance school, work and activities. We know it is hard. While in office, we will look and listen for ways to help students with that balancing act. We love Idaho State University and see its potential every day. We look forward to an opportunity to serve you as ASISU President and Vice President! -Elizabeth Kidd

Matt Bloxham & Taylor Jensen

I’m Matt Bloxham and I am from Blackfoot, Idaho. I am your current ASISU Student Body President and I am asking for your votes to re-elect me to this position. Throughout the past year I have worked closely with the ASISU Senators on several projects including the unveiling of the new Bengal statue on the quad and working to increase student involvement throughout campus as well as in the community through the Chamber of Commerce, Welcome Back Orange and Black, Celebrate Idaho State and numerous other outreach activities. I am working to create a network of business that will support our students as much as we support them. I have also attended countless meetings with faculty, staff, Idaho State Legislators, community organizations and the administration at ISU to ensure that our voices as students get heard. I promise to continue my degree of involvement so as to represent the students of Idaho State University in a positive manner. I would greatly appreciate your continued support throughout the next year. Thanks and Go Bengals! I’m Taylor Jensen and I am from right here in Pocatello. I am the current College of Business Senator and I have loved getting involved. It has been a great opportunity to get to know people that I would have never gotten to know. Throughout the year serving as a Senator, my eyes have been opened to the different lifestyles of students here at Idaho State University. One thing that every single one of us students has in common is a voice. We want to make sure our voice is heard. Matt and I will continue to work with students, faculty, administration, and the community to ensure that you have the best experience here at ISU. I will give best to serve you. We need your help to make this happen. We thank you for your support throughout this current year and hope to continue to have your support throughout the coming year. We are Bengals!


Rich Thompson

I, Aldo Richard Thompson, am running for Vice President of the Idaho Falls campus at Idaho State University. I want to represent the students of the Idaho Falls campus and help it grow. I will do this by helping students have more access to classes in Idaho Falls. I will accomplish this by organizing petitions for students to have more availability of classes in Idaho Falls. I will help students learn and use all the resources available to them that ISU provides and protecting those resources and all rights that students have through the University. I want to help the clubs on the Idaho Falls campus receive the help and funding that is need to make them more successful. I want to encourage the students of Idaho Falls to get more involved in their education and provide the best college experience possible. I want to build a good relationship between faculty and students so they can learn from each other to provide a better university atmosphere. I want to improve the image of the Idaho Falls campus within the community of Idaho Falls by providing service and getting other organizations and businesses to help build this relationship. I will also help protect and serve not only the students of Idaho Falls, but the students of Idaho State University as a whole. I would appreciate your consideration of me as a candidate for Vice President of the Idaho Falls campus.



The purpose of this party is to unify students and promote the voice of the students at Idaho State University. Our party platform is focused at improving student life on and off campus. We plan to do this through promoting student involvement, Idaho State University and encouraging academic excellence. Student involvement is one of the best ways to play an active role on campus and get the most out of your college career. Joining or starting a club will help you network with other like-minded students and grow your professional network. ISU, if it isn’t already, will become like a second home to you during your time here. One way or another every student on this campus has something in common, WE ARE BENGALS!! Support Bengal Wednesday by wearing Orange and Black to promote the Bengal Spirit. Finally, we support academic excellence. We are students first, after all that is why we are all here. Getting involved on campus has been proven to improve your GPA and increase your likelihood to graduate! Support “US” and ISU by VOTING for MATT BLOXHAM, TAYLOR JENSEN & “UNITED STUDENTS” on MARCH 19-21 @


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209