Candidates are encouraged to submit a statement about why they are running and what they plan to do for their constituents if they are elected.

Executive ticket candidates: less than 500 words Senator/Idaho Falls VP candidates: less than 250 words

Deadline to submit candidate information is 5 p.m., Friday, February 14, 2014. Candidates may email their Voters Guide information to This page will be updated when information is available.


ARTS & LETTERS (4 Seats)

Kourtney McConnell

My name is Kourtney McConnell, and I would like to run for College of Arts and Letters Senator. I am really excited to run for office, because I look at Idaho State University as my home, and I think that with some of the new policies and bills that have been brought up during Senate meetings, Senators are trying to improve my home. If these pass, I can see that the school will be going in the right direction as it pertains to clubs, their involvement on campus, and their funding, and I would love to be a part of the positive changes. For my constituents, I want to serve clubs as well as students who arenít involved in a club by treating them as individuals and honoring their mission statements, not lumping them into a generic group. I think that, although campus involvement is an incredible experience, going to football games is not at the top of each clubís or studentís priority list, and I want to express to each individual that whether or not they act as cheerleaders at our sporting events or attend events programmed by Student Union employees, they are important to me, and I want them to feel that way. As Senator, my ultimate goal is to make Pocatello a ďUniversity Town,Ē where the community is excited about and/or involved in campus activities. I would love to see every local storeís sign say ďWe Support Our Bengals.Ē Thank you.

Morgan Pitcock

I am Morgan Pitcock and I am running to be a Senator again because I would like to continue to represent my constituents. As a Senator I have worked to make sure that all studentsí voices are heard and that they are considered. I like working for the students and have had many great learning experiences while doing it. I work to represent the many diverse ideas of the College of Arts & Letters as they are very important to the university as a whole. I currently work with the Dean of Arts & Letters to see what is needed and what can be improved. I am the current chair for the Appointments and Review committee for the Senate and have strove to hold appointees to the highest quality so that ASISU students can reap the full benefits of qualified and competent people in those positions. I would love nothing more to continue my hard work as a Senator for the College of Arts & Letters during the 2014-2015 school year.

Daniel Sheldon

My name is Daniel Shelden and I am running for senator of the college of Arts and Letters. I am a theatre major and am heavily involved with everything on campus. If I am elected I will do whatever I can to provide more services for our students. I believe that as a student of Idaho State University everyone should be able to have access to all activities on campus. I will do everything that I can to promote the performing arts and making sure students know about these amazing opportunities. ASISU needs to service the students and their wants. I am not interested in politics or bureaucracy. I am interested in getting things done whatever the cost. I will try and have more cooperation between ASISU and all of its branches which include Department of Theatre/Dance, SAB, Student Organizations, Idaho Civic Symphony, Bengal Newspaper and KISU. I feel that all of these branches are vastly under funded which cripples their ability to serve the students. I was the president of Alpha Psi Omega (theatre honors fraternity). When I was president we started the first student run show in 10 years. We also had the highest recruiting class of all time. We also were able to raise $750 for scholarships within our club. I know how to work with people and get things done. I am innovative and can get things done. I will do whatever I can to make each student's journey at ISU one to remember.

Austin Schutz

When you imagined life as a college student, what did you see? I envisioned being in an active environment that celebrated diversity and was united by school spirit. I see many of these traits at ISU, but there is room for improvement. As an ASISU Senator it is my goal to pursue policies that encourage the expression of school spirit and diversity while adding to the overall educational experience. I want to see a club that organizes the student section at sporting events and operates in a similar manner to UPC and SAB. Additionally I want to make Idaho State a more open environment for our LGBT community. It is also my goal to receive as much input as possible from my constituency, and so I will be putting suggestion boxes around campus with my name and picture on them so that you can express any concerns or requests. ASISU is also responsible for allocated club funding, I can't wait to work closely with these organizations. I intend for the ASISU senate to have more contact with them and I will push to institute policies that allow student clubs the flexibility to do the programs that most impact their members. Finally, I want to ensure that ASISU is fiscally responsible. Without good money management, your tuition is squandered. I will do everything in my power to make sure that does not happen. Thank you so much for your support. Go Bengals!

Chase Haage

When I first heard about this election I was on the fence about whether or not to run. It wasnít until talking to an old high school friend that I was convinced. My friend told me it was a waste of my talent to not attempt to get elected. She told me that I am the best leader she knows for a variety of reasons. The most important reason, she said, was that I care more about the people I lead than myself. I realized by this point that she was right. Iím not going to promise you that everything will get done, but I can promise you that the things that do get done will get done the way you want them to get done. The plan I have to better this school is simple. First, we find the expenses that are inactive or unneeded, then we transfer the inactive funding to a group or project that will better Idaho State University. I want to make this campus a better place, even though I am told it is impossible for me to make a difference, but I like to think that if I am trying, then the goal is that much more possible to achieve.

Mackenzie Smith

Hello, my name is Mackenzie Smith I am a sophomore here at Idaho State University and I am majoring in Political Science with an emphasis in Pre Law. I have decided to run for Senator of the College of Arts and Letters due to the lack of correspondence between our current Senators and their student body, especially on matters that will drastically effect the student body. At a recent Senate meeting it was disheartening to hear a current senator say ďWe donít need to ask the student bodies opinion on this, we were elected to speak for them.Ē Every single student should be able to have a voice in this University. The fact that most students do not know which senators are currently representing them is a problem that I want to rectify. I have been an Ambassador here at Idaho State for almost two years now and I know how important each person is at this University. I want everyone in my college to not only know I am their senator but also feel comfortable coming up to me and talking to me about the current bills senate. As a senator I will go out of my way to have as many opinions present in my decisions in senate. My dream is to have every student participating at Idaho State University, even if it is in a small way. I hope you will give me the opportunity to represent you for the 2012-2015 academic year. Go Bengals!


Megan Suitts

Iím running for Senator of the College of Business for a few different reasons. The first is simply because I love student government. I did it for two years in high school and want to continue to be a part of it here at ISU. The second reason is because Iím a member of a few different clubs on campus, and Iíve seen a few changes being made with the hope of creating a better functioning system between the clubs and the student senate. Iíd like to help the relationship between clubs and the senate so everyone is on the same page and they can both can run more efficiently. If elected, I will work to strengthen the bond between both clubs on campus and the senate, as well as ISU and the Pocatello community. I believe that by bringing everyone together a sense of school pride will be restored and students, faculty, and staff. This will make ISU an all-around better place to be and an overall better place to go to school.

Hye Joon Lee

My name is Hye Joon Lee. I am ready for being an accountable senator of College of Business. I want to be a bridge between the school and the students by taking an active part in improving our Business School while listening to different opinions. With my ability and experience, I am excited to help our students to access resources more efficiently so we can invest for the future together. To promote our college, I will make a good use of my leadership skill and relevant experience from different countries. Regarding that we have outstanding programs here at ISU, my goal is to raise the fame of ISU so we can attract more and more bigger businesses into this area. This will give all of us more ideas, more opportunities, and therefore, better solution for our programs and college. I would like to take challenges and work with others to make ISU a better place. I wish with my help, everyone can be involved more than he or she expects.

Kelly Kemmerer

My name is Kelly Kemmerer; I am running for the College of Business Senator. I am currently a senior majoring in Accounting and Finance. I have been involved on the Idaho State University Campus for approximately five years. Involvement has proven to be a crucial aspect for a well-rounded student experience. It can always be expanded and improved upon. At Idaho State University I believe communication is essential for improving student involvement. Students are the center of the college experience; we are all part of a bigger organization of students with differing interests. As a senator, helping each student know what events are on campus, what ISU and Associated Students of Idaho State University can help them with would be a very important part of the job for me. As a candidate of ASISU College of Business Senator I want to keep the lines of communication open between my constituents and myself. If I win I want to be the type of Senator that is approachable with any issues that occur, as well as reliable. Following through with any ideas that are brought to my attention and giving them full representation before the rest of the senate.


Katie Johnson

I am running to be a Senator for the College of Education because I want to involve my colleagues in what is happening on campus and give them an unwavering voice in the senate. While I fully support spirit, student involvement and traditions on campus; I plan to discuss upcoming legislature with my colleagues to find out what they want and to get them as engaged as possible in campus activities. As part of the Bengal Pride Party, I plan to increase campus spirit and involvement through advertising and awareness, as well as build on old traditions with new events to make being a part of ISUís history something impossible to forget! You only go to college once so we might as well work together to make it an experience worth a lifetime of pride hereafter!

Steven Knight

Hello, my name is Steven Knight. I am running for Senator of Education. I want to better promote Bengal Pride in the College of Education. I believe it is here that I can make a difference by supporting our clubs, events, and programs. As you know, being more active in sporting events and supporting the department as a whole is a full-time commitment, and I am ready to commit. If elected, I will strive to make a positive difference for every student in the department.

Bea Valencia

ďOne way to keep momentum going is to have constantly greater goals,Ē a quote by Michael Korda that I believe will help me achieve future goals with my constituents if elected next year. I am currently the Senator for the College of Education and would like to rerun for the following term, I truly believe that I can help other students who are a part of my college. This year has been a great year and I have met many students who I feel I may have otherwise not met who are in the same position as I am, an education major. I believe that with the experience I can carry with me from this year I know what has worked and what I can do better this coming year for my constituents. As an individual I plan to reach out to as many of my fellow students as I can with any information that I feel is or may be beneficial. The voice for the education students will be heard, I am willing to work harder than ever before to help benefit each and every student as much as I possibly can. I hope to find new ways and search for new ideas that can benefit the students in my college as well as the amazing college we all represent as a whole.

Jacob Hall


L. Kofi Saahene

Iím Lawrence Kofi Saahene from Ghana. Iím a currently a student in the College of Business and Iím offering the MBA/MACC program. I have opted to vie for the graduate senator position in ISU despite the busy schedule as a student. I have always set high objectives for myself and employed all the necessary resources to achieve them. My academic and leadership track records attest to my burning desire and commitment to achieve excellence in whatever capacity I find myself. Whiles in school as an undergraduate, my involvement in the University Christian Fellowship, University of Ghana Electoral Commission and The University Student Union helped me build critical social skills which I lacked. As the Electoral commissioner of my hall and the first deputy chairperson of the Students Representative Council (SRC)ís Electoral commission, I together with my team organized the most unprecedented election Mensah Sarbah Hall (Hall of residence) has witnessed. That was the first time the hall went to the polls using E Ė voting. Itís because of this feat achieved that my Hall Bursar encouraged me to get involved in the National Electoral Commission. In my four year period in school, I served as a member of the ushering department of the University Christian Fellowship. These experiences really taught me how to work under pressure and also to interact with people very well. I present the ideal student who will bring teamwork spirit, enthusiasm, a strong sense of community engagement, professionalism and ethical leadership to enrich the student governance system on our campus. Thank you.

Anil Mandal

My name is Anil Mandal. I am a student of Idaho State University (ISU) since 2005. I have earned my undergraduate degree from ISU in Chemistry (2005 Ė 2009). After working few years in the private industry for few years, I am back to school for my graduate degree in Business. If I am elected as a graduate senator, I would like to bring forth positive changes that makes ISU even better place to study, especially for graduate students. ISU is a great place to study at an affordable price. I think my effort will continue to keep ISU costs at affordable level. My efforts will focus on bringing in more activities throughout the school year and increase cultural diversity to make college experience at ISU even better.


Jordan Withers

There is a reason that we all chose to attend ISU, whether it was for the esteemed academic programs, welcoming environment, athletics, or any of its other numerous renowned aspects. The fact of the matter is that we chose ISU to accomplish goals that we set for ourselves in order to grow as students, leaders, and people overall. This is why I am running for senator. I understand that not everyone has the same goals for their college experience but I feel as though everyone should be given the same opportunity to achieve these goals. As a senator for the College of Health Sciences, I will put forth my best effort to listen to my constituents, my fellow students at ISU, to discover what needs to be changed. Furthermore, I will work with clubs and other organizations to do my best to help them achieve the goals they set. Whether to accomplish these tasks involves improving funding through modifying current procedures or whatever other alternative necessary, I will strive for constant improvement since sticking to the status quo is never an option. College is a defining time in life and you deserve every opportunity to make it what you want it to be. If elected, that will always be my priority since this isn't just a job, itís an opportunity to bring change to Idaho State University.

Sam Perry

Great Odin's Raven! It's time again for ASISU elections, and I want to represent you. My name is Sam Perry and I am an HCA major hoping to get into medical school. Through my major studies, pre-requirement courses, on campus leadership experiences, and university involvement, I have met many students with many views on how our university is and should be run. I want to be the voice of these students and represent the Division of Health Sciences. We all pay ASISU student fees and I want to make sure our college and the whole of the university puts those 'taxes' to good use for you and get you involved! The reality is 75% of health care related degrees in Idaho are granted through ISU. I will fight to keep this number high and advertise this strength and leading role that ISU offers to help grow and bring in new possibilities in health care for our current, as well as future, students. We all want to make the best out of our college experience, through having fun getting involved, and make memorable stories. Vote for me and I will be your voice for change.

Danielle Moniak

Hello fellow students, my name is Danielle Moniak and I am running for the College of Health Science Senator. I would like to begin by sharing a little bit about myself. I am a sophomore who is majoring in Radiographic science and I love to do anything outdoors. That is one of the many reasons I cherish being a student at ISU. It not only is located in a town that offers endless possibilities but the Health Science programs are some of the best. I want to run for senator because I would like to get more involved on campus, meet new people in my college, and to make a difference. Running for the College of Health Science Senator is a real job with hard work, which requires strong dedication. I feel that I am a valuable candidate because I am a hard worker, trustworthy, responsible, and a great listener. Being an assistant manager in one of my jobs, taught me a great deal about leadership, commitment, and teamwork. Furthermore, I am ready to work with willingness for your benefit. If you empower me with your confidence and trust, I will do everything I can to represent your interests and achieve our common goals in the College of Health Science. I can only promise that I will do my hardest to help you students, succeed and have a memorable experience at Idaho State University.

Abraham Ortiz

My name is Abraham Ortiz and I am running for Senator for the Division of Health Sciences. I have a couple goals towards making the college of Health Sciences a place where everyone in the state of Idaho and surrounding states making it a place where they want to look into coming as their first option. One of my promises I plan on doing is getting it out there to the public that ISU Health Sciences Majors get accredited for their good work, and they are up to task with financial, and curriculum standings. Since ISU gets accredited many employers will be able to recognize a degree for the great teaching here at Idaho State University.

Trisha Beukelman

Hi, my name is Trisha Beukelman, Iím a junior in the Sign Language Interpreting Program in Meridian and a member of the Meridian Student Activities Board. I think I am a great candidate for student senate. Here are 5 reasons you should vote for me: 1) I love planning and attending student activities and getting to know my fellow students. 2) As a member of SAB, Iím very active around campus so chances are you will see me often! 3) I think students deserve the right to have a say in what goes on at ISU and be informed about current issues and changes. 4) As a Health Science Senator my goal is to be the voice of the students by listening to their suggestions and then relaying them to the Senate. 5) And lastly, I wonít be offended if you canít say my last name right. Thank you all for this opportunity!


Kailyn K. Cleveland

From homecoming parades to kicking fall leaves across the quad, Idaho State University has always been a part of my life. I attended my first class when I was just a week old and I have loved being a Bengal ever since. To represent ISUís student population as a Student Senator would be a tremendous honor and a way to give back to this campus that has given me so many fond memories. Students deserve a student government who shares their values. I believe that students value a good education that has a clear path to a good paying job. I believe ISU should be recognized by Idahoans and students for the superior school that it is. That being said, college should be a fun experience where lifelong memories are continually made. The College of Pharmacy deserves a Senator who understands the issues facing the students like parking, and advocating and facilitating strong relations between ASISU and the College of Pharmacy. I will put in extra work and hours to ensure the fair representation of the College of Pharmacy on the student senate. I would appreciate the opportunity to serve and look forward to the possibilities to continue to make Idaho State great!

Betsey Bergquist

My name is Betsey Bergquist, and Iím running with the Bengal Pride Party for senator of the College of Pharmacy. This is my sophomore year, and Iím very excited to be applying to the program next February! While Iím not in the College of Pharmacy yet, Iím excited for an opportunity to be involved with acting as our collegeís voice in student government. Iím in the Honors Program here in Pocatello, and have played hook for the womenís rugby team for the past year and a half, go Bengals! I also volunteer regularly at the Pocatello Free Clinic, and Laddís Family Pharmacy in Boise. With that-hereís a chemistry joke: why was the mole of Oxygen molecules excited when he left the singleís bar? Because he got Avogadroís number.


Yakob Kassa

The past three and a half years at Idaho State University have given me opportunities that many undergraduate students can only wish for. I was elected by Dr. Marco Schoen, former department head of mechanical engineering, to work as an undergraduate research assistant as early as my freshman year. Working as an undergraduate research assistant has taught me many engineering concepts that are not taught in a classroom. It has elevated my overall academic performance significantly. My participation as a research assistant came to an end because of lack of funding from the university and as of today there are no undergraduate students working on a research in mechanical engineering department. This is the main reason why I want to become a senator. I would like to have the opportunity to represent college of engineering at the highest level and try to bring more funding to well deserving students. I will also try to invite local and domestic engineering companies to ISU and do an exhibition that will open doors for students to find internship opportunities.

Adam Thayer

My name is Adam Thayer and I am a sophomore mechanical engineering student. Being in my second year at ISU, I have always loved being involved. Idaho State University has given me the opportunity to grow and succeed in many ways inside, as well as outside of the classroom in order to prepare for my career. I strive to apply my skills, leadership experience, and tenacious attitude towards becoming a Senator for the College of Science and Engineering. As a senator, I plan to work with the entire student body to increase involvement. Student involvement will be promoted across the board, not only with athletic events but all student organizations and activities. I believe that involvement on campus is the key to solidifying oneís education. Being apart of a club or organization is one of the best ways to network and learn how to manage your time, two essential life skills not taught in the classroom. Not only is involvement important on our campus, but throughout our community as well, where I hope to strengthen the connection between ISU and the greater Pocatello region. As a student at Idaho State, your opinion is highly regarded, and it is important that everyone is heard. I plan on getting to know my constituents and find out what we can do to benefit you. As your future senator, I look forward to hearing your ideas and working with each and every one of you to make ISU the best home for you.

Samuel Díamico

With my major in Nuclear Engineering and my minor in Political Science, I am deeply interested and committed to local events and politics, and would love to contribute to them through our own ASISU Senate. As a senator for the College of Science and Engineering it would be one of my main goals to get ISU and its students more involved in our community, both local and state wide. With thousands of students, ISUís student body is one of the largest components of both these communities and we have a voice that should be heard. We are a deeply linked to these communities and it is our obligation to be a positive part of them. I also believe in a high level of student involvement on and off campus through a variety of clubs and organizations that are available. It is the responsibility of ASISU to support these organizations and help them grow and continue to contribute to the student body and the area as a whole. Overall what I have to say is that I love ISU and its students and that I believe in them. I believe in their determination and ideas, and I believe in their possibility as a positive force in our local community today and in the world tomorrow. And I know it would be my honor to represent them.

Mike Fernandez

Hello my name is Mike Fernandez and I am running for Senator of the college of Science and Engineering. Idaho State University for me has done many great things to prepare me for life after college. Leadership quality, and determination is what many employers want to see from future employees and I believe that I can represent ISU with all of these qualities. Considering all of these things that I can gain from my time here I would love nothing more than to instill that same passion that I have for the University to other students as well. There is no better way to do that than acting as Senator of Science and Engineering here at Idaho State University. With these newly found abilities I can help many students in my department, or any for that matter with the support they need to become functioning members of our society. There are many students and student clubs that go unrecognized, understanding how some students feel about being under privileged or not being heard is what gives me an advantage when it comes to determining a need for the few. As Future senator I can promise that many of these voices will be heard and given a chance to make their mark here at Idaho State University, it is students after all that want to make a difference, that can be considered the greatest asset. By creating and upholding effective Constitutions and Bylaws we can grant many students with the tools to succeed in their respective fields. Once this is an achievable goal we can see every student no less than their ability to change the world.

Tyler Bodily

My name is Tyler Bodily; Iím a junior Electrical Engineering student, and Iím running to represent the College of Science and Engineering in the Associated Students of Idaho State University senate. I have been representing the College of Science and Engineering for the past year and I have really enjoyed the experience. I have decided to rerun for a couple of purposes. My first purpose is to actively support the clubs and organizations within my college. These organizations offer great opportunities to the students within my college. They need the support of ASISU, not only for funding, but also for promoting the organizations and the events that they put on. While representing the clubs and organizations is important, I feel that it is more important to represent each student within my college. The clubs only represent a small portion of the students within my college. I want to represent the students accurately, and this is best done by getting to know them. I know it is a big stretch to think that I will be able to know personally each student, but I will try my best. If reelected, I want my constituents to know that they can come to me as their friend. I want to accurately represent my college, and this is done by accurately representing individual students.

Abraham Chupp

I am here to help enhance student life and involvement. My ties in the Greek system and various other clubs on campus help me to be able to develop and support students in many aspects of Student Life here at Idaho State University. The area of Science and Engineering does not always get the just representation that it deserves as one of the larger colleges represented on the ISU campus. I will do what I can to be able to get the word out to the organizations in Science and Engineering and represent your vote in ASISU.

Nabin Khanal

My name is Nabin Khanal. I am majoring in Computer Science which falls under College of Science and Engineering. For my personal leadership development and carrying voices for all my friends from College of Science and Engineering, I have planned on running for the Senate for 2014. Below mentioned are my agendas: 1. Being an undergraduate student I highly believe on the statement that ďStudents should have more interns and real work experience opportunities to achieve higher goals in their lifeĒ. My focus will be on helping students achieving interns opportunities much more than what we currently have. In compliment to that, I plan on encouraging students to set up more academic clubs for College of Science and Engineering so that it will create an environment where local employers can come and talk about what they look forward in a prospective employee. 2. We all know that majority of the college students have hard time meeting their financial expenses. My next focus will be on helping reduce the textbook costs, so that each and every student will be able to achieve a quality education, without worrying much about their finances. My secondary focus will be on helping students to provide new and latest learning materials to ensure that most of their education can be implemented practically.

Kendra Knapp

I am running to potentially be an Idaho State University Senator because I am striving to help students of ISU gain a voice and an influence in decisions made that will impact each of them. I am dedicated to helping students be involved in changes made or changes that need to be made on campus based on student needs and wants. I have goals to increase involvement and pride in the university both campus wide and within the community. Support from students, faculty and community will help ASISU make informed decisions concerning student affairs and help us in the progression of always bettering our university. If elected I will strive to increase this involvement and school pride so we, as a community, can influence the way Idaho State University continues to grow.


Justin Underwood

I would like to have the opportunity to serve the College of Technology, the students enrolled within the College of Technology, and the entire student body of Idaho State University. I am interested in the opportunity to participate and gain more experience within the universityís student government as I learn how to best represent and stand for the students from the College of Technology. I also believe it is important for the students to have a say in how the tuition and fees are distributed throughout the university, and then further have a say about how this money is distributed within the College of Technology, to the various clubs and organizations in the College of Technology, as well as the funds that are directed towards other purposes. Goals: 1. I will provide more representation for the College of Technology, associated clubs and organizations to the rest of the university. 2. I will ensure the College of Technology receives the appropriate amount of fees and that it is distributed equally throughout the collegeís programs and clubs based on need and merit. 3. I will work to have a greater amount of interest and participation from College of Tech students to become involved in extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations within the college.

Debbie Beckstead

I, Debbie Beckstead, am running to be a senator for the College of Technology. Currently I am majoring in the Robotics and Communications Systems Engineering Technology. For me running for senate will be a challenge but challenges can be over come. I would like the chance to be a representative for the students. If elected I will work to get clubs and students more informed about events and help them get more involved. There are some clubs out there that most studentís havenít heard of and I would like to change that. As a senator I would do my very best to help clubs get more students involvement in the club. I will work to get the best results for us as students and to resolve any conflicts. There will be more change with me as a representative then whatís in your pocket.


Tynan OíNeil (P) & Zara Sivertsen (VP)

Hello fellow Bengals, Like our political party, the Bengal Pride Party, we are running on the platform of increasing pride at Idaho State University.Throughout our time at Idaho State we have been involved with New Student Orientation, the Honors Program, cheer team, Ambassadors, and multiple other organizations that helped us make the most of our college experience. We have grown to love all that ISU has to offer, and we want to pass that feeling along to others. We want students, staff, and faculty to care about ISU and love that they go here, live here, and work here as we do. By working with ISU administrators and community leaders, we plan to build a legacy that students, faculty, staff, and community members will grow to love and embrace. College should be one of the best experiences of a personís life, and we want to encourage students to make the most of their time here! We are both currently involved with ASISU, and we can take what we have learned from this year and apply it to next year's student government by having an open door policy to ensure that student input is incorporated into the decisions we make. We are Tynan O'Neil and Zara Sivertsen, and we would appreciate your vote for ASISU President and Vice President! Go Bengals!

Kyle Son (P) & Taylor Tingey (VP)

President Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, "The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office." As the President and Vice President of the Associated Students of Idaho State University, integrity is what we would bring to the office. As students who have grown up in this community, Idaho State University has been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember. ISU is a university we love, in a community we love, that is filled with people we care about. It is because of our deep roots with this university that we believe attributes such as integrity, determination, and open mindedness are essential in its leadership. Between the two of us we share a great deal of experience in ASISU financial affairs, the governmental process, networking, and helping others to be successful. If elected President and Vice President we would approach every situation with an open mind, and take into consideration the impact on all students before making a decision. We promise, that if elected, we will bring integrity, determination, and an open mind to the office in which we serve. If you want leadership that brings integrity to office and works to make sure that all students are successful, vote Son and Tingey! Go Bengals!


Elise Hansen

My name is Elise Hansen, and I am a candidate for the Idaho Falls Vice President of Idaho State University. As a non-traditional student in my fourth semester at ISU, I have come to appreciate the unique and supportive environment at the Idaho Falls campus. Like myself, many of the students in Idaho Falls have pressing responsibilities outside of school, and they need a leader who can understand and empathize with their situations. Although I juggle school, work, family, and hobbies, my commitment to academic success and community involvement is unwavering, and I believe that my example can inspire others to stretch and fulfill their potential. As the Idaho Falls VP, I will work to ensure that every student I meet, especially those on the IF campus, feel that extension of support and encouragement. I will do my best to keep the pulse of this campus, to give the students a voice in the student government, and to promote student success both in Idaho Falls and Pocatello. Regardless of my position, I truly believe in educational growth and progress, and I will continue to offer my enthusiasm, friendship, and warm smile to the students in Idaho Falls.


Bengal Pride Party

The Bengal Pride Party is running on the platform of school pride. We want students, staff, and faculty to care about ISU and love that they go here, live here, and work here. We plan to accomplish this by strengthening the bonds between ISU and the surrounding communities, creating new traditions and building on current ones, while also painting this campus orange and black so that when you drive in to Pocatello, you know youíre in Bengal Country. We are the Bengal Pride Party and would appreciate your vote.

The Orange Party

The Orange Party is a party formed by a diverse group of people, aimed at representing a diverse university. The color orange represents enthusiasm, creativity, and success; these are attributes that we as a party are committed to exemplify and inspire throughout Idaho State University. We are determined to increasing involvement, providing opportunity for every student or student organization to succeed, and maintaining an open mind when faced with every situation. We are committed to being transparent and proactive when it comes to serving the student body we hope to represent. We will work with our connections and relationships with Idaho State University and this great community to promote and enhance the name and students of ISU. A Greek Tragedian named Sophocles once said, ďSuccess is dependent on effort.Ē We invite you to join us in putting the effort forth to get students to vote, to increase involvement, and to strive to help every student Be successful and feel welcome. Thank you and Go Bengals!


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209