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Internal Audit Charter

Mission & Responsibilities

The Internal Audit Office at Idaho State University is an independent, objective, assurance and consulting organization. Our mission is to assist the University in the accomplishment of its goals in the primary disciplines of learning, research, and public service. We do this by providing a systematic, disciplined, approach to evaluating, advising, and improving the processes of resource application, risk management, control, and governance throughout the University.

Internal Audit accomplishes its mission through the achievement of the following fundamental responsibilities:


To provide for the independence of the internal audit activity, the Director of Internal Audit reports functionally to the State Board of Education Audit Committee and administratively to the University President.


Internal Audit operates under the guidelines of the State Board of Education Audit Committee Charter (Appendix E). Internal Audit is authorized to:

Code of Ethics

Internal staff is responsible for conducting themselves so that their integrity, objectivity, confidentiality and competency are not open to question. Standards of professional behavior based up the Code of Ethics of the Institute of Internal Auditors require internal auditors to: