New Bengal Cards

Important Dates

Bengal Card Services has scheduled the following dates for faculty/staff and spouses to have their pictures taken and new cards issued.

New Bengal Card Example

Introducing the BengalCard Plus

Your BengalCard Plus does everything the BengalCard does "Plus" a whole lot more. On campus, the BengalCard Plus acts as your official Idaho State University picture ID card and provides you with access to everything that a standard BengalCard will. On or off campus, you can use your BengalCard Plus at ATMs and anywhere you see the MasterCard® logo. Your BengalCard Plus is a debit card, not a credit card, it deducts purchases and withdrawals directly from your ISU Credit Union checking account. This service is offered to anyone affiliated with Idaho State University including, students, staff and faculty. Info about ISUCU: For more information about becoming an ISU Credit Union member CLICK here.


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