New Bengal Cards

Important Dates

Bengal Card Services has scheduled the following dates for faculty/staff and spouses to have their pictures taken and new cards issued.

New Bengal Card Example


With BengalCard Plus, students receive a Free Student Checking account at the only financial institution on Idaho State University's campus, ISU Credit Union. Your student can choose the convenience and security of a combined MasterCard® debit card and ISU student ID. With BengalCard Plus, your student can:

  • Know that his/her money is protected with MasterCard®'s Zero Liability Policy
  • Deposit financial aid disbursements and paychecks directly to the checking account for convenient access.
  • Get free access to cash at 3 on-campus ATMs in Pocatello and dozens of local ATMs throughout Eastern Idaho.
  • Make PIN-based or signature-based purchases anywhere MasterCard® is accepted worldwide. Your student's BengalCard Plus MasterCard® debit card pulls money directly from his/her checking account - it is not a credit card.
  • Use BengalCard Plus on and off campus. The BengalCard Plus features two magnetic stripes. One lets you make purchases from your checking account and the other lets you access your BengalCash account, check out library books, and gain admittance into the recreation center, sporting events, and much more.
  • Get account information anytime, anywhere with online banking at ISU Credit Union.
  • Learn valuable money management skills through a series of on-campus financial literacy classes offered by ISU Credit Union’ s experts.
  • Gives you free access to the MasterCard Debit Smart Shopper Benefits

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