The Student Activities Board

Idaho Falls plans and provides a variety of fun activities and events for students throughout the academic year. Activities range from free lunches, bands, game nights and magicians to family activities and carnivals. Our events often include free food for students, as well as fun games, competitions and prize raffles. Our goal is to help students have a fun experience and get to know other people. Why not take advantage of the free stuff? We have a blast, so check out our event calendar and come join us. We hope to see you there!

Bengal Wednesday:

Got ISU Spirit? Show it every Wednesday! If an SAB-IF member spots you wearing ISU colors or gear, you may get a candy bar and be entered into a drawing for a bigger prize. Questions? Call 282-7879.


Volunteering at student activities is a wonderful way to get involved, have lots of fun, and meet new people. Many of our SAB members started out just volunteering. Check out our event calendar for upcoming events and call 282-7879 to see what you can do!

SAB-IF Contact Info:

Questions or Comments? We want to know what you think! Call the Student Activities Board office at 282-7879, email us at

Summer Programs:

Summer programs are the student activities that take place during the summer semester. Yes, activities are still going on during the summer! Don’t miss out! Come join us. We’ll have summer picnics with volleyball, live music, prizes, family movie nights, and more! Check out our event calendar or call 282-7879 for more information.


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