Meet your VP:

Katie Beck represents the interests of Idaho State University - Idaho Falls Students as part of the ASISU Student Government. Katie is a Sophomore majoring in Psychology. She lives in Idaho Falls with her dog Scamp and loves to read when she has spare time.

Meet your Senator:

Aley Salas represents the students of Idaho State University in Idaho Falls. She likes to help students whenever she can as a Senator for the College of Arts and Letters for ASISU. Aley is a Sophomore majoring in Psychology and will continue on studying for her Masters in Mental Health Counseling. She lives in Shelley, loves rock music and going to concerts.

Attend a Senate Meeting:

ASISU members (fee paying students) are all represented by senators who are elected from their college. Students are encouraged to attend senate meetings, which is a great way to stay informed about the issues that will affect your education and college experience. The ASISU Senate meets weekly in Pocatello on Wednesday nights at 7pm.The Senate will also meet in the Bennion Student Union Multipurpose room in Idaho Falls on the following dates: the first Wednesday in October (Oct 5th, 2016) and the first Wednesday in February (Feb 1st, 2017). Contact your ASISU-Idaho Falls Vice President, Katie Beck ( for more information. You can also find out the Senator(s) who represents your college here.


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209