Idaho Falls Student Organizations and Clubs are a great way to get involved on campus. Getting involved in a club helps students to meet new people, develop talents, learn new skills, and create connections that will enhance the college experience. If there isnt a club that fits your interest, start your own! Our clubs participate in campus and community events, volunteer in the community, and put on fun club activities. Each recognized club is eligible to receive funding from ASISU to spend on refreshments, activities, etc. Check out our list of clubs for contact information, and join/start a club today!

Start a New Club:

Students are welcome to start a club if none of the existing clubs match their interest. Here are a few things to get you started:

Where to Go:

For club funding and information in Idaho Falls, contact Karen Larsen at 282-7865 or Her office is Bennion SUB room 204, just behind the Information Desk.

Reserve Room for Club Meeting:

Recognized ISU student clubs and organizations do not have to pay to rent rooms in the Bennion SUB for club related events. The union has a room specifically for clubs to use for meetings if needed. It adjoins the Student Activities office in Bennion SUB room 211A. To reserve, first check with the Student Activities Board Idaho Falls Director, to make sure there are no conflicting meetings taking place. Make sure to fill out an Event Registration Form and contact Karen at 282-7865. An Event Registration Form is required for all club events and meetings.

Contact Info:

Ches Barnes, Bennion SUB Director: 282-7866

Karen Larsen, Bennion SUB Administrative Assistant: 282-7865

Val Davids, Student Organization Director: 282-3451


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209