Performing Arts Club

Regardless of your major...
Inside and outside your career...
Everyday of your life...
Effective self-expression and communication
are needed and desired.

The Performing Arts Club is a
casual and supportive environment where
communication skills are developed and
enhanced while having fun!

The purpose is to provide opportunities to learn about and participate in many aspects of the performing art. To make students aware of resources available to them. Raise awareness about performing arts related community service opportunities. The PAC group meets weekly on the Idaho Falls campus to rehearse.

Club Officers for the 2014-2015 year:
President- Kaylee Zimmer
VP- Jake Osti
Secretary- Kassi Staples
Treasurer- Mike Hart
Advisor- Dr. Mark Dodd

For inquiries regarding club membership/activities, contact us at:


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209