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(structure, chemical reactions, information, regulation, types, differentiation)

Enzymes in Industry

State Standard: (651) Cellular and Molecular concepts, (655) Technology
Alignment with Inquiry Standard: Good
Description: Through the use of pectinase to extract juice from fruit pulp, students learn how enzymes alter biological processes, how the quantity of pectin varies among different types of fruit, and how enzymes are used in industry to produce economic benefit.
Time: 50 minutes


James Bond Cellular Spy (Protein Synthesis)

State Standard: (651) Cellular and Molecular Concepts
Alignment with Inquiry Standard: Fair
Description: Students simulate the processes of replication, transcription, and translation by assuming roles of nucleotides in DNA and mRNA, ribosomal subunits, tRNA and amino acids. Students are then given a "mission" to decode DNA and generate the correct sequence of amino acids in a secret protein.
Time: 50 minutes