Molecular Research Core Facility

Leica DMRA

This fluorescence microscope provides all the basic features of the DMRB with the added capabilities of automated z-stack acquisition and filter wheel control. The system is outfitted with an EL6000 external light source, Hamamatsu DCAM monochrome camera and IPLab software for digital image acquisition and analysis.

Figure 1. Triple fluorescence labeled bovine pulmonary artery. Image was captured on the DRMA microscope. Mitochondria (red), Actin (green) and nucleus (blue).

Available Filters:

Set ID Filter Set Type Exciter Emitter Beam Splitter
513848 (A4) DAPI, Hoechst 33258/33342, Alexa 350 360/40 470/40 400lp
71000A Fura 2 340/10 510/80 400lp
513852 GFP 470/40 525/50 500lp
513849 (L5) FITC/GFP/Cy2 480/40 527/30 505lp
513850 (N3) Alexa 546 546/12 600/40 565lp

Available Objectives:

Ring color Platform Magnification Immersion ID Number
Yellow HC PL APO 10X NA 0.40 Air 506511
Green HC PL APO 20X NA 0.70 Air 506513
Blue HCX PL APO 40X NA 0.85 Air 506140
Navy Blue HCX PL APO 63X NA 1.20 Water 506131
White HCX PL APO 100X NA 1.4X Oil 506038


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