Molecular Research Core Facility

Leica DMRB

This manual microscope facilitates phase contrast, DIC, darkfield, and epifluorescence imaging. The system is outfitted with an EL6000 external light source, SPOT CCD camera and software for digital color image acquisition and processing.

Available Filters:

Figure 1. DMRB brightfield image of mammalian cartilage (top) and mammalian compact bone (bottom). Both tissues were stained with a general tissue stain.

Set ID Filter Set Type Exciter Emitter Mirror
XF14 GFP 420/20 540/40 480lp
49002 AF 488, GFP 470/40 525/50 495lp
XF34 Rhodamine, PI, EB, AF 546/555 540/20 675/85 560lp
49004 Ds Red 545/25 605/70 565lp
49008 Texas Red 560/40 630/75 585lp
49006 Cy 5 620/60 700/75 660lpxr
11000v3 DAPI 350/50 420lp 400lp
31001 FITC, GFP, Fluo3, Acridine Orange 480/30 535/40 505lp

Available Objectives:

Ring color Platform Magnification Immersion ID Number
Brown N Plan 2.5X NA 0.07 Air 50683
Red HC PL Fluotar 5X NA 0.5 Air 506504
Yellow PL Fluotar 10X NA 0.30 Air 506010
Green PL Fluotar 20X NA 0.50 Air 506003
Blue PL Fluotar 40X NA 0.70 Air 506014
White FL Fluotar 100X NA 1.3 Oil 506008


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