Molecular Research Core Facility

Transmission Electron Microscope

The Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) is capable of imaging ultra-thin specimen at the magnification of 400,000X, - easily detecting targets as small as cellular organelles and viruses. Use of the TEM requires meticulous sample preparation of tissue support mesh grids coated in a layer of carbon molecules. Our newly acquired Gatan CCD digital camera makes image capture quick and easy.

Bring by a sample grid and arrange a time with Lisa McDougall,, for a chance to acquire an image on our TEM.

Figure 1: The TEM is now available for use and is easier to use with the new Gatan CCD digital camera. The digital camera was purchased with the gracious donations of 176 individuals; this camera replaced the use of film photography.

Figure 2: Sample holder and grids. Special handling and preparation of sample grids is important for TEM imaging. External preparation of sample grids is required to image on the TEM.

Figure 3: TEM Image of Mitochondria. Highly resolved image of mitochondria found in cardiac muscle cells. Cristae are clearly visible. Scale bar is 200nm.


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