Molecular Research Core Facility

Flow Cytometry Core Facility


Flow Cytometry is the analysis of fluorescent markers & dyes on virtually any cell or cell-sized particle.

It is a simple, rapid and powerful tool that takes advantage of fluidics, laser & PMT technology, and high tech electronics for detection and analysis of fluorescence.

The Flow Cytometer at Idaho State University is a FACS Calibur benchtop cytometer from Becton Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems, out of San Jose CA.

The FACSCalibur incorporates efficient optics and two air-cooled solid-state lasers to analyze up to four colors. Compact and easy to use, the FACSCalibur is a highly sensitive tool, providing researchers with the technological capabilities crucial for sophisticated cellular and molecular work in areas such as cell cycle, cell function, multicolor analysis, and immune function.

This instrument allows you to detect and define your cells of interest based on their morphology, and then analyze up to 4 parameters that can be measured by the 4 fluorescence detectors.

In addition ISU's Calibur has a mechanical sorter that will allow you to sort out cell populations of interest, and save them for other applications. The sorter is able to sort at around 2500 cells/second which is fast enough to collect a large number of cells in a fairly short time, and keep them viable and ready to use.

Education: The Core provides other opportunities to learn about Flow Cytometry and related technologies, including seminars, courses, and lab research opportunities. Contact us for more information.


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