Molecular Research Core Facility


Biological Education

ISU strives to come up with innovative, effective teaching strategies to better train the next generation of biological educators. The MRCF has served a key role in training educators and educating the public in the use and understanding of 21st Century approaches and techniques.

Representative ISU researchers using the MRCF include:

Rosemary Smith, Janet Loxterman, and Jeff Hill

Ecology and Environmental Sciences

One of ISU's core strengths is research that leverages our unique location and regional environmental resources. There are many researchers at ISU studying the natural relationship of living organisms in different environments. Many MRCF-affiliated researchers study organisms living in extreme environments (e.g., Yellowstone's hot springs and the Great Salt Lake), flora and fauna of the sage-steppe, and organisms living transitional environments (e.g., montane tree line).

Representative ISU researchers using the MRCF include:

David Delehanty, Ernest Keeley, Kathleen Lohse, Keith Reinhardt, and Carolyn Weber

Biomedical and Neuroscience Research

Many MRCF-affiliated researchers are engaged in investigations of the nervous system, brain activity and regulation, and related pathologies. These biomedical researchers are funded by NIH and other sources, and represent ISU's special emphases in the area of neuroscience. In addition, other biomedical researchers are involved in the studies of a variety of human diseases and disorders.

Representative ISU researchers using the MRCF include:

Chris Downing, Ken Rodnick, Jack Rose, James Groome, Curt Anderson, Jason Pilarski, Shawn Bearden, Jean Pfau, Michael Thomas, and Caryn Evilia

Systematics and Evolutionary Biology

The MRCF supports and assists research conducted in the areas of evolutionary biology and biodiversity. Researchers in this area examine plant and animal phylogenetics, microbial diversity (e.g., in soil and water samples), and population biology.

Representative ISU researchers using the MRCF include:

Janet Loxterman, Timothy Magnuson, Carolyn Weber, and John Dudgeon


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