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Current Grant Funding

PI or Co-PI Funding Source Project Title
Aho National Park Service Management of Introduced Mountain Goats in Yellowstone National Park
Akersten National Science Foundation Saber-tooths: what, when, how, and why a workshop approach to the enigma
Anderson Northern Arizona University Neuromechanical control of elastic energy storage and recovery during ballistic movements
Baxter Devlieg Foundation Aquatic-terrestrial connectivity in a wilderness watershed: do emerging stream insects fuel riparian food webs following wildfire?
Baxter National Science Foundation Study of the indirect food web effects of introduced brook trout in watersheds of the Rocky Mountains
Baxter Shoshone-Bannock Tribes What are the effects of dredge mining on river-floodplain processes in the Yankee Fork Salmon River and what is to be gained by restoring such connections?
Baxter USGS, University of Wyoming Linking whole-system carbon cycling to quantitative food webs in the Colorado River
Baxter Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game Contributions of marine-derived nutrients via salmon carcassses to aquatic and terrestrial productivity in the Snake River basin: Mitigation of marine-derived nutrient loss in the Boise-Payette-Weiser subbasin
Bearden U of I. - NASA Space Grant Consortium Slowing Metabolism with Hydrogen Sulfide in Support of Long Duration Space Exploration
Delehanty Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game Restoring mountain quail to public lands in Idaho Bennet Hill Mountain Quail Reintroduction
Delehanty National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Bennet Hill Mountain Quail Reintroduction
Finney University of Washington A long-term perspective on salmon populations throughout the North Pacific Ocean
Germino USDA NRI CSREES Land use effects on persistence of exotic forbs: Are loss of foundation species and disruption of soil resource partitioning the causal links?
Germino Stoller, DOE Community evapotranspiration on the PCBE plots at INL
Germino NAU-NICCR Climatic and biotic co-limitation of conifer establishment at treelines: addressing uncertainty in bio-climatic model forecasts of forest change
Huntly National Park Service Baseline Kipuka Inventory and Resource Assessment at Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve
Kelchner National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Phylogeny and Generic Classification of the Woody Bamboos (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Bambuseae)
Kie Idaho Dept. of Fish and Game Interactions between Elk and Mule Deer at Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area
Kie Safari Club International Tex Creek Elk Study
Kie Idaho Department of Fish and Game Habitat Use by Mule Deer at Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area
Magnuson National Science Foundation Collaborative Research: Redox metallo-proteins and conformational gating in electron transfer to ferric materials
Magnuson Dept. of Energy Redox Interaction of Cytochromes and Bacteria with Oxide Surfaces: Probing Redox-Linked Conformation Change
Magnuson UT-Battelle LLC Probing molecular interaction between microbial-cell protein and mineral surfaces with neutrons
Matocq National Science Foundation CAREER: The roles of ecology, behavior, and morphology in reproductive isolation of woodrats; demonstrating evolutionary processes to high school students
Matocq, Miller Bureau of Land Management Ecological Correlates of genetic structure of Townsend's big-eared bats in southeast Idaho
Meldrum Varioius Private Donations Hypothesis: An unrecognized primate responsible for footprints.
Minshall USDA Forest Service Effects of Wildfire on Wilderness Stream Ecosystems
Murphy USGS POBS Telemetry Study
Murphy, St-Hilaire, Peterson UW-NPS Research Center Prevalence and persistence of a pathogenic chytrid in hosts and water from boreal toad breeding sites in Grand Teton National Park.
Peterson National Park Service Development and testing of an amphibian monitoring protocol within the greater Yellowstone network
Peterson USGS - Biological Resources Disc. Amphibian Monitoring on the Great Divide Transect: Greater Yellowstone Network
Peterson Stoller Corporation Surveying and Monitoring Amphibian and Reptile Populations on the INL: Indicators of Environmental Health and Change
Peterson Devlieg Foundation Movement and Habitat Selection of Prairie Rattlesnakes in the Big Creek Drainage of the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, Idaho
Peterson USDA Forest Service Amphibian Monitoring on the West District of the Caribou-Targhee National Forest
Rodnick National Science Foundation Explaining sex-specific effects of sex steroids on cardiac function in rainbow trout
Rodnick Murdock Trust Partners in Science Program
Smith NSF Track GK-12: Enhancing science literacy in southeast Idaho with community-based projects and University/K-12 Partnerships
St-Hilaire Washington State University Determining the shelf-life of omega fatty acid enhanced black soldier fly prepupae
St-Hilaire MJ Murdock Charitable Trust Assessing the Distribution and Effects of Chytrid Fungus on Amphibians in Grand Teton National Park
St-Hilaire, Peterson Turner Enterprises, Inc. Investigating the effects of piscicides on larval amphibian


921 South 8th Avenue
Pocatello, Idaho, 83209