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Pete Frishmann

Pete Frischmann

Education: B.S. in chemistry, Idaho State University 2005
Ph.D. in inorganic chemistry, University of British Columbia 2010

Age: 27

Profession: Research Scientist

Interests/Hobbies: Hiking, skiing, rock climbing, traveling the world with my wife

Latest Accomplishment: Accepted a 2 year postdoctoral research position in Germany developing artificial photosynthetic systems - a.k.a. taking sunlight and converting the energy into fuel.

Why I Do What I Do: So many things in the world seemed like mysteries until I began studying chemistry. Chemistry explains everything from why trees are green to how the screen on your iPhone works.

Personal Anecdote, Favorite Quote, Life Philosophy or Quip You Want to Include: Work Hard - Play Hard

ISU Recollection: One of my favorite things at ISU was camping on the Quad during Earth Week. Waking up in the heart of campus and seeing people scurrying off to class was pretty entertaining (I avoided 8 a.m. classes).

ISU Experience: I loved interacting with fellow students, staff and faculty in the Chemistry Department. The undergraduate research opportunities available at ISU are quite unique, and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to conduct research with Professor Pak and Professor Rodriguez in the chemistry department. This research experience encouraged me to pursue a PhD. A few other great ISU experiences: ski classes for credit, playing pool in the SUB, all-nighters in the Business School computer lab, living in Turner Hall, meeting my wife – I wouldn’t trade my time at ISU for anything.



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