Brightest and Best
R. Kade Beorchia

R. Kade Beorchia

Hometown: Wendell, ID

High School: Wendell High School

Class Year: Senior, May 2011 Graduation

Major: Finance

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy activities that force me to stretch and improve myself physically, mentally and emotionally. As a result, I have developed passions for my growing family, entrepreneurship, academics and golf. Each of these activities demand personal introspection and continued personal improvement for success.

Career goal: Upon graduation from ISU I will attend law school where I will further my understanding of issues faced by Idaho' s entrepreneurs and small business owners. This legal knowledge, bolstered by my finance education, will prepare me to expand my rental property business while also giving me the ability to assist others in successfully creating strong Idaho businesses.

Why ISU? Many factors brought me to ISU. I was raised in a small town and appreciate the friendly, small town feel of Pocatello. In addition, I knew I wanted to stay in Idaho. It is fairly well known that there is no better business program in Idaho than here at ISU.

ISU Experience: My experience at ISU has been remarkable. Many of the faculty members have substantial experience in their respective industries and not only teach principles of business, but real world applications of the principles. I have enjoyed close relationships with these faculty members that would not be possible at large schools with overcrowded classrooms. As a result of the close interactions, I have enjoyed many exceptional recognitions and opportunities. The College of Business has given me a solid foundation that will ensure increased success and profitability of my current and future businesses; I thank them for this. I would not hesitate to recommend ISU' s College of Business to any of my closest friends or family.

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