Brightest and Best

Sarah Carson

Hometown: Loveland, Colorado

High School: Mountain View High School

Class Year: Senior

Major: Dietetics (Nutritional Sciences)

Interests/Hobbies: Volleyball; skiing; hiking; exploring the outdoors; learning about different cultures. Sports have provided me the opportunity to travel and expand my world.

Career goal: I'm planning on going on to graduate school and earning my master's degree in nutritional sciences with an emphasis in sports. My career goal is to work with colleges or professional athletic teams in educating athletes how nutritional science relates to athletic performance.

Why ISU? I was fortunate to receive an athletic scholarship. In addition to feeling comfortable with the people I visited with as I was considering ISU, Pocatello and the surrounding community felt like a great place to call home.

ISU Experience: My college experience has provided so many opportunities to get involved, not only on campus, but within the local community. These opportunities have enabled me to greatly expand my knowledge outside of the realm of being an intercollegiate athlete. I've truly developed as a complete person in large part because of my ISU experience.

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