Brightest and Best
Justice Isaacson

Justice Isaacson

Age: 31

Hometown: Malad, Idaho

High School: Malad High

Class Year: Graduate student

Major: Finishing a master's degree in counseling

Interests/Hobbies: Taking on advocacy projects; photography; reading (last book read was "The Twilight Series"). I am also a veteran of the United States Navy.

Career goal: My vocation and avocation is to help people who have fallen through the proverbial cracks and cannot get the help they need. I'm particular focused on helping those with mental illnesses.

These people need an advocate. Someone needs to step into that role. I guess my philosophy is "if others can't or are unwilling, why not me?"

Latest Accomplishment: Starting a hygiene supplies program for indigent people with mental illness. In addition, beginning in January, I am facilitating a series of weekly classes teaching basic hygiene skills. This is a niche that society hasn't filed. I am hoping that the program will be successful and become a regular service for those in need.

Why ISU? Although I did my undergraduate work at Casper College of Wyoming, I came to ISU because I felt the counseling program fit my values in terms of the supportive professional staff. Unlike other graduate counseling programs, there is no political agenda here. The emphasis is on helping you become the best counselor you can be.

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