Brightest and Best

Mike Lacey

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

High School: North Springs High/Patterson Prep

Class Year: Senior

Major: Sports Management

Interests/Hobbies: During basketball season we practice 20 hours a week. With games, travel and academics free-time is at a premium. I enjoy watching action and comedy movies. My favorite movie is the original version of The Wood. I also enjoy bowling, card games and just relaxing.

Career goal: In the long term I want to be an athletic director. In the short term I'm hoping to enter the sports management field in athletic compliance or marketing. I also have a strong interest in real estate and I could certainly see that as a career option.

Why ISU? Idaho State University provided me with an opportunity to combine my love of basketball with great academics. Amorrow Morgan, a former ISU basketball player went to Patterson Prep with me. He spoke highly of the athletic opportunities and academic climate. Since I went to junior college in Wyoming I had some familiarity with ISU.

ISU Experience: If I had one word to describe my ISU experience it would be "awesome!" Both on and off the court I've been able to meet and interact with all types of people from different countries and different cultures. This has helped me develop as a complete person. Basketball has also afforded me the opportunity to travel to places like Canada and Hawaii. On the academic side, I've enjoyed practical internships in athletic marketing, NCAA compliance and sports information.

Why I Do What I Do: I want to make my Lord and Mother proud of me. I also want to be a positive role model for my sister so they can look up to me with pride.

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