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Ryan Long

Ryan Long

Hometown: Bend, Oregon, attended high school in Portland, Oregon.

High School: Columbia Christian High School

Other Universities: B.S. in wildlife biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks
Master's degree in wildlife resources, University of Idaho

Class Year: Doctoral Student

Major: Biological Sciences; my dissertation is focused on evaluating influences of the thermal environment on elk in desert versus forested ecosystems.

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with my wife, Kathleen. My favorite two hobbies are bow hunting, primarily backcountry elk hunting, and flyfishing. My top rivers include the Little North Fork of the Clearwater River in Idaho and the Deschutes River in Oregon. I also enjoy running and backpacking.

Career goal: To obtain a faculty position at a research-oriented university. My goal is to focus mostly on large mammal ecology, but I am open to studying other animals and topics as well.

Why ISU? The No. 1 reason I came here was to work with Terry Bowyer (ISU biological sciences professor) who I worked with while I was an undergraduate student in Alaska. He is an outstanding large mammal ecologist. I also wanted the opportunity to design my own dissertation program from the ground up with Dr. Bowyer.

ISU Experience: It has been a great experience working in a biology department as opposed to a wildlife department. It has given me a much broader perspective of my field. Another plus has been the excellent opportunities I've had to forge good working relationships with other agencies, such as the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and the Department of Energy.

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