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Angelica Mata

Angelica Mata

Hometown: Idaho Falls, Idaho

High School: Idaho Falls High

Class Year: Sophomore

Major: Nuclear engineering

Interests/Hobbies: I am avid soccer player. I spent a great deal of time playing soccer in both a co-ed league and women's league.

Career goal: My career goal is to work as a nuclear engineer. At some point I plan to go onto graduate school and earn my advanced degree in nuclear engineering and minor in physics.

Why ISU? Idaho State University offered a combination of outstanding academics, affordable tuition, and a beautiful academic environment through the campus in Idaho Falls. I am able to get a great education and still be close to my family and friends. The fact that ISU has a very close relationship with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) was another important consideration, particularly given my major. I hope to take advantage of the ISU/INL connection with future internship opportunities.

ISU Experience: Having all my classes in Idaho Falls is very important as was the choice of a major. I enjoy the challenge of being a Hispanic woman and majoring in a field that is predominantly male dominated. ISU is providing me the opportunity to pursue my career interests and hopefully motivate others that nothing is impossible.

Why I do what I do: One of the activities I take great pleasure from is my involvement in Associacion Latina Motivandote A Superarte (ALMAS). We visit high schools and work with Hispanic students to convince them that they can and should go onto college. In a way I guess that makes me a role model for other young Hispanic students, particularly women, to realize that they too can achieve their dreams.

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