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Please consider a gift of iPads for students. We anticipate the increase in student participation to continue, and the need for additional iPads is essential for this growth to occur. Your support will benefit students immediately.

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Promoting Technology in the Classroom: Creating Student Leaders
Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond

Why this project?

The number of online courses offered in the College of Arts and Letters has grown by 267% over the past two years. As a result of this exciting increase and student response, we want to ensure an environment of the highest academic integrity for our students. We are developing online curricula, technology tools, and testing that will provide our students with the opportunity for great success now and in the future.

The College's "students first" mission includes a strong focus on the use of thoughtful and innovative technology to support today's 21st-century learners. With the growth in online instruction and with higher education leaders in the state to pilot this project, the ISU iPad initiative will enhance and extend teaching and learning to bring tremendous value to our students, our teachers, and our state.

The ISU iPad initiative supports the way students live and how they want to learn as iSU students. They will now have anytime, anywhere access to the largest collection of education content and productivity tools in the world, including over 75,000 educational apps now available of iOS devices.

Positive student impact

In making iPads available to students via mobile containers, College faculty have created numerous ways to create a more engaged learning experience. This initiative gives the students technology skills they will need for careers in their fields. Courses have been identified that will begin using iPads from this project beginning with the first day of classes on August 26! Students have expressed their excitement about the use of this technology in their courses and how it will enhance their education, skill sets, and entry into the workforce. The impact will be realized through student recruitment and retention, as well.

Educational student empowerment

Students will be part of an educational leadership initiative that will be interactive, interdisciplinary, and collaborative, modeling online course development at the state, regional, national, and global levels.

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College Dean
Kandi Turley-Ames
Phone: 208-282-3053

Director of Development
Heidi J. Jarvis-Grimes
Phone: 208-282-5362

Student iPad Group

Download the Apple iPad Pilot Project PowerPoint presentation from June 28, 2013.


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