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Information About the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (CEC) for the College of Arts & Letters serves an important advisory function to the Dean and Associate Deans on issues critical to the operation of the College, particularly the strategic development of the College, including major changes to the development or organization of individual departments or programs. The CEC also considers faculty promotion and tenure, sabbatical reviews, and other issues as identified by the College leadership.

The CEC is comprised of six tenured faculty members (three from each division of the College) who are selected following a vote of faculty in their respective division. Faculty members are selected to serve on this committee for a term of three years (the terms are staggered in one-year increments) and may serve no more than six consecutive years. Only one faculty member from any disciplinary unit* may serve at any one time. A member of the Chairs Council is appointed by the Dean to serve as an additional ex officio, voting member.

*A disciplinary unit is a department with fifteen or fewer tenure-track members. Departments with sixteen or more tenure-track faculty members may have two representatives, so long as these are from different disciplinary units within that department, such as English and Philosophy (in the Department of English and Philosophy), or Music and Theatre/Dance (in the School of Performing Arts).

Guidelines for Responsibilities and Procedures


administration building
Michele Brumley, Psychology (2014-17)
Erika Kuhlman, History (2014-17)
Nancy Legge, Communication, Media, and Persuasion (2015-18)
Russell Wahl (2016-17)
New Election, Fine Arts & Humanities (2016-19)
New Election, Social & Behavior Sciences (2016-19)

Gesine Hearn is the ex officio member from the Chairs Council.

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