Fine Arts & Humanities Faculty Articles
Teaching Gender and Science

Attebery, B. (2011). Teaching Gender and Science Fiction. Teaching Science Fiction. Teaching the New English Series, 146-161.

Elizabeth Enright

Attebery, B. (2009). Elizabeth Enright and the Family Story Genre. Children's Literature, 37, 114-136.

Stories Linked to Stories

Attebery, B. (2009). Stories Linked to Stories: Fantasy as a Route to Myth. Relevant across Cultures: Visions of Connectedness in Modern Fantasy, 19-31.

Scandinavianism in the Rocky Mountain West

Attebery, J. (2011). Scandinavianism in the Rocky Mountain West, Pragmatic and Programmatic, Swedes and Norwegians in the U.S. Ed. Dag Blanck and Philip Anderson.

Swedish America in the Rocky Mountain West

Attebery, J. (2005). Swedish America in the Rocky Mountain West, 1880-1917: Folkloric Perspectives on the Immigrant Letter. Scandinavian Studies, 77, 53-84.

Claiming Ethnicity

Attebery, J. (2001). Claiming Ethnicity: Implicit Expressions of Ethnicity among Swedish Americans, European Contributions to American Studies, No. 48. Ed. Orm Øverland, 12-28.

Surrogates and Extra-Familial

Baergen, R, and Woodhouse, W. (2013). Surrogates and Extra-Familial Interests.
The Journal of Clinical Ethics 24(4), 332-37.

Multistate Survey of Primary Care

Baergen, R., Cady, P., and Owens, CT. (2009). Multistate Survey of Primary Care Physician and Midlevel Provider, Journal of the American Pharmacy Association, 49(4), 423-428.

Revisiting Pharmacists Refusals

Baergen, R, and Owens, CT. (2006). Revisiting Pharmacists' Refusals to Dispense Emergency Contraception. Obstetrics & Gynecology, 108(5), 1277-82.

Client-centered Skill Sets

Beachboard, M. R. and Weidman, L. M.(2013). Client-centered Skill Sets: What Small IMC Agencies Need from College Graduates. Journal of Advertising Education, 17(2), 28-38.

NHL Strategies

DiSanza, J. R. and Legge, N. J. (2013). The NHL's Image Repair Strategies During the 2004-2005 Lockout. Sports Image Restoration, Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, Chapter 19, 319-357.

Sandra Fluke Controversy

Legge, N. J., DiSanza, J. R., Gribas, J., and Shiffer, A. (2012). He sounded like a vile: An Analysis of Persuasive Attacks on Rush Limbaugh, Journal of Radio & Audio Media, 19(2), 173-205.

Interfaith dialogue in practice

Driskill, G., and Gribas, J. (2012). Enacting grace and truth: A communication perspective, In D. Brown (Ed.), Interfaith dialogue in practice (pp. 11-36). Rockhurst University Press.

Doing teams while being the body

Gribas, J. (2008).
Doing teams while being the body: Managing spiritual tensions through transcendent metaphor. The Journal of Communication and Religion, 31, 206-244.

Metaphoric illumination and symbolic ambiguity

Gribas, J. and Sims, J. (2006). Metaphoric illumination and symbolic ambiguity: Applying the team metaphor, Facilitating communication in context: Vol. 2, 177-201.

Dinner with Mavis

Hallaq, T. (2011). Dinner with Mavis: Reviewing the Tonight Show conflict. In MeDinner with Mavis: A media commons project.

Podcsts for Pre-laboratory

Hallaq, T., Holman, R., and Lohse, S. (2011). Podcasts for Pre-laboratory Student Preparation for Organic Chemistry: University Media Specialists. Chemical Educator, 16, 152-154.

Never the Same One Twice

Johnson, M. E. (2013).
Never the Same One Twice': Melodrama and Repetition in Queer as Folk. Genre, 46(3), 419-42

Proulx and the Postmodern Hyperreal

Johnson, M. E. (2009).
Proulx and the Postmodern Hyperreal. The Geographical Imagination of Annie Proulx: Rethinking Regionalism, Lexington Books/Rowman & Littlefield, 25-38.

Boldly Queer

Johnson, M. E. (2004).
Boldly Queer: Gender Hybridity in Queer as Folk. Quarterly Review of Film and Video, 21(4), 293-301.

Interacting is Believing

Kim, D. & Johnson, T. J. (2012). Interacting is Believing? Examining bottom-Up credibility of blogs among politically interested Internet users, Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, 17(4), 422-435

Political Blog Readers

Kim, D. & Johnson, T. J. (2012). Political Blog Readers: Predictors of motivations for accessing political blogs. Telematics and Informatics, 29(1), 99-109.

A Shift in Media Credibility

Kim, D. & Johnson, T. J. (2009). A Shift in Media Credibility: Comparing Internet and traditional news sources in South Korea. International Communication Gazette, 71(4), 283-302.

Dialect and Word Choice in Old English

Klein, T. (2012).
Dialect and Word Choice in Old English: Two Case Studies with Old English Perception Verbs. Anglia: Journal of English Philology, 130.3

The Inscribed Gold Strip

Klein, T. (2012).
The Inscribed Gold Strip in the Staffordshire Hoard: The Text and Script... Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History, 18, 62-74.

Traditional Approaches to Monolingual Lexicography

Klein, T. (2012). Traditional Approaches to Monolingual Lexicography. The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics.

Perspectives of Teacher Turnover

Kloss, T. E. (2013).
High School Band Students' Perspectives of Teacher Turnover. Research & Issues in Music Education 11(1)

Band Teacher Turnover

Kloss, T. E. (2012).
Band Teacher Turnover and Arizona Marching Band Participation. Applications of Research in Music Education. 30 (2), 46-51.

Mything Fragment & Environmental Activists

Eckstein, J. & Partlow-Lefevre, S. (2011). Mything Fragments and Environmental Activists. Environmental Justice in International Contexts, 196-203.

Of Raspberries and Religion

Swetnam, S. H. (2012).
Of Raspberries and Religion: Food and Culture at an Idaho Women's Benedictine Monastery. Gastronomica, 12(2).

Girls Who Camp

Swetnam, S. H. (2012). Girls Who Camp. Idaho Magazine, 11(4).

Study of Western Women's Experience

Swetnam, S. H. (2007). A New Day in the Study of Western Women's Experience: Who'll Follow? Western American Literature, 42(2), 189-96.

Occasionalism, Laws and General Will

Wahl, R. (2011). Occasionalism, Laws and General Will. British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 19(2), 219-240.

The Axiom of Reducibility

Wahl, R. (2011).
The Axiom of Reducibility. Russell: the Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies, 31(1), Article 4.

Fairfax, Marvell, and the Mowers of Nun Appleton

Whitaker, C. (2013). Fairfax, Marvell, and the Mowers of Nun Appleton. Ben Jonson Journal, 20(1), 72-94.

Marvell, A. Man Without Qalities

Whitaker, C. (2011). Marvell, A Man Without Qualities. Essay Review. Huntington Library Quarterly, 74(2), 367-371.

Herbert Pastor as Herbalist

Whitaker, C. (2010). Herbert's Pastor as Herbalist. In George Herbert's Pastoral: Essays on the Poet and Priest of Bemerton, Ed. Christopher Hodgkins.

A Note on Jasper Heywood

Winston, J. and Ker, J. (2013). A Note on Jasper Heywood's 'Free Compositions' in Troas (1559) Modern Philology, 110(4), 564-75.

Literary Associations of the Middle Temple

Winston, J. (2011). Literary Associations of the Middle Temple. History of the Middle Temple ed. Richard Havery. Oxford: Hart Publishing, 147-71.

Lyric Poetry at th Early Elizabethan Inns of Court

Winston, J. (2001, paperback 2013).
Lyric Poetry at the Early Elizabethan Inns of Court. Cultural World of the Early Modern Inns Manchester University Press, 223-44.

Frequency of Input and L2 Collocational Processing

Wolter, B., Gyllstad, H. (2013). Frequency of input and L2 collocational processing Studies in Second Language Acquisition. 35(3), 451-482.

Collocational Links

Wolter, B. and Gyllstad, H. (2011). Collocational Links in the L2 Mental Lexicon and the Influence of L1 Intralexical Knowledge. Applied Linguistics, 32(4), 430-449.

The Promise of Three Methods of Analysis

Wolter, B. and Zareva, A. (2012). The Promise of Three Methods of Analysis to L2 Lexical Research. Second Language Research, 28(1), 41-67.

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