Social & Behavioral Sciences Faculty Articles
Sensory feedback

Brumley, M.R. and Robinson, S.R. (2012). Sensory feedback alters spontaneous limb movements in newborn rats: Unilateral forelimb weighting, Developmental Psychobiology.

Sensory feedback modulates quipazine

Brumley, M.R., Roberto, M.E., and Strain, M.M. (2012). Sensory feedback modulates quipazine-induced stepping behavior in the neonatal rat. Behavioural Brain Research. 229(1), 257-264.

An early look at human fetal behavior

Brumley, M.R. (2011). An early look at human fetal behavior. Developmental Psychobiology, 53, 413-415.

Diagnosing the Structure

Cartwright, E. and Manderson, L. (2011). Diagnosing the Structure: Immigrant Vulnerabilities in Global Perspective. Medical Anthropology, 30(5), 451-453.

Immigrant Dreams

Cartwright, E. (2011).
Immigrant Dreams: Legal Pathologies and Structural Vulnerabilities along the Immigrant Continuum. Medical Anthropology, 30(5), 475-495.

Bodily Remembering

Cartwright, E. (2007).
Bodily Remembering: Memory, Place, and Understanding Latino Folk Illnesses among the Amuzgos Indians of Oaxaca, Mexico. Culture Medicine and Psychiatry, 31(4), 527-545.

Administrative Theory and Praxis

Callen, J., Catlaw, T., and Campbell, K. (2014). The Courage to Listen: Government, Truth-Telling, and Care of the Self. Administrative Theory & Praxis, 36(2), 197-219.

Questioning whether Thomas Jefferson

Hatzenbuehler, R. (2011). Questioning whether Thomas Jefferson Was the "Father" of American Archaeology. History and Anthropology, 22(1), 121-129.

No Clue - What shall we do

Hearn, G. (2009).
No Clue What shall we do? Physicians and Functional syndromes. International Review of Modern Sociology, 35, 95-113.

Illness without a cause

Hearn, G. (2007).
Illness without a cause: Mutual Aid organizations for functional syndromes: effects of unilateral forelimb weighting International Journal of Self Help and Self Care, 5(1), 19-42.

Blending voices

Jensen-Hart, S. and Williams, DJ. (2010). Blending voices: Autoethnography as a vehicle for critical reflection in social work, Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 30(4), 450-467.

Small Change, Big Difference

Jensen-Hart, S., Moor, K., and Hooper, R. (2012). Small change, big difference: Heightening faculty awareness to elicit more effective student writing, Journal of Teaching in Social Work, 32(1), 62-77.

There's a rainbow underneath

Jensen-Hart, S. (2011).
There's a rainbow underneath. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping, (16)4, 65-68.

A Havock made among them

Jones, R. T. (2011).
Island Biogeography, Empire, and Environmentalism in the Russian North Pacific, 1741-1810. Environmental History, 16(4).

The Rhineland Horror Campaign

Kuhlman, E. (2011).
The Rhineland Horror Campaign and the Aftermath of War.
Female Activists 1918-1923, 89-110.

Liberal and Conservatives

Kuhlman, E. (2010).
Liberal and Conservative Women Transnational Activists and Postwar Reconciliation after the Great War. Women and Transnational Activism, 117-142.

American Doughboys and German Frauleins

Kuhlman, E. (2007).
American Doughboys and German Frauleins: Privilege in the American-Occupied Rhineland, 1918-1923. Journal of Military History, 71(4), 1077-1106.

Predicting domain-specific outcomes

Lawyer, S. R. and Schoepflin, F.(2013).
Predicting domain-specific outcomes using delay and probability discounting outcomes, Behavioural Processes, 96, 71-78.

Risk-taking for sexual versus monetary outcomes

Lawyer, S. R. (2013). Risk-taking for sexual versus monetary outcomes using the Balloon Analogue Risk Task. The Psychological Record, 63, 1-18.

Discounting of hypothetical and potentially

Lawyer, S. R., Schoepflin, F., et al. (2011). Discounting of hypothetical and potentially real outcomes in substance-dependent samples, Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology, 19, 263-274.

The ego-resiliency scale revised

Letzring, T. D., Alessandri, G., et al. (2012). The ego-resiliency scale revised: A cross-cultural study. European Journal of Psychological Assessment,28(2), 139-146.

The effects of judge and target gender

Letzring, T. D. (2010).
The effects of judge and target gender and ethnicity similarity on the accuracy of personality judgments, Social Psychology, 41, 42-51.

The good judge of personality

Letzring, T. D. (2008).
The good judge of personality: characteristics, behaviors, and observer accuracy, Journal of Research in Personality, 42, 914-932.

Commission for Environmental Cooperation

Lybecker, D. L. and Mumme, S. P. (2011). The Commission for Environmental Cooperation as a model for development in the Americas. International Journal of Sustainable Society, 3(2), 151-173.

We want you to recycle

Lybecker, D. L. and McBeth, M. (2011). We Want You to Recycle. Resource Recycling, 26-28, 33.

The Story of Good Citizenship

Lybecker, D.L., McBeth, M., and Garner, K. (2010). The Story of Good Citizenship: Framing Public Policy in the Context of Duty-Based versus Engaged Citizenship, Politics and Policy, 38(1), 1-23.

Life-history models of female offending

DeHart, D., Lynch, S. M., Belknap, J., et al. (2014). Life-history models of female offending: The role of serious mental illness in women's pathways to jail, Psychology of Women Quarterly, 38(1) 138-515.

Multi-site study of prevalence

Lynch, S. M., Belknap, J., et al. (2014). A multi-site study of the prevalence of serious mental illness, PTSD, and disorders in woman in jail, Psychiatric Services in Advance, February 3.

Seeking Safety

Lynch, S. M., Heath, N. M., et al. (2012). Seeking Safety: An intervention for trauma exposed incarcerated women? Journal of Trauma & Dissociation, 13, 1-14.

Chinua Achebe and the Development

Njoku, R. (2013).
Chinua Achebe and the Development of Igbo/African Studies. The Igbo Intellectual Tradition, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Gloria Chuku (ed.).

The East European Plain

Peterson, D. (2011).
The East European Plain on the Eve of Agriculture, Book Review. The Holocene 21(2): 374-375.

Pastoralist Landscapes

Peterson, D. (2010).
Pastoralist Landscapes and Social Interaction in Bronze Age Eurasia, by Michael D. Frachetti. Book Review. American Antiquity, 75(3): 702-703.

Production and Social Complexity

Peterson, D. (2009).
Production and Social Complexity: Bronze Age Metalworking in the Middle Volga, Monuments, Metal, and Mobility, 222-261.

Where did all the Aleut men go

Reedy-Maschner, K. (2010). Where did all the Aleut men go? Aleut Male Attrition, Human Biology, 82(5-6), 583-611.

Entangled Livelihoods

Reedy-Maschner, K. (2009). Entangled Livelihoods: Economic Integration and Diversity in the Western Arctic. Alaska Journal of Anthropology, 7(2), 135-146.

Limited Entry Permits

Reedy-Maschner, K. (2007). Limited Entry permits and Limited Entry systems in Eastern Aleut Culture. Human Organization, 66(2), 210-225.

Acceptability of behavioral family therapy

Roberts, M.W., Wong, M., Yu, J., and Shen, Y. (2011). Acceptability of behavioral family therapy among caregivers in China. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 20, 272-278.

Sibling Confict Resolution

Roberts, M.W. and Thomas, B.W. (2009). Sibling conflict resolution skills: Assessment and Training. Journal of Child and Family Studies, 18, 447-453.

Parent Training

Roberts, M.W. (2008).
Parent Training. A chapter in M. H. Herson Handbook of Clinical Psychology, Vol II, 653-693.

World Citizenship and Concern for Global Warming

Running, K. (2013). World Citizenship and Concern for Global Warming, Social Forces, 92(1): 377-399.

Outsourcing Moral Authority

Thomas, J. N. (2013). Outsourcing Moral Authority: The Internal Secularization of Evangelicals' Narratives, Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 52(3): 457-75.

Beyond the Culture War

Thomas, J. N. and Olson, D. (2012). Beyond the Culture War: Managing Sexual Relationships: Inside a Congregation of Gay Evangelicals, Review of Relistious Research, 54(3): 349-70.

Evangelical Elites Changing Responses

Thomas, J. N. and Olson, D. (2012). Evangelical Elites' Changing Responses to Homosexuality 1960-2009. Sociology of Religion, 73(3): 239-72.

Credit Union Growth in Mid-sized Markets

Tokle, R. J. and Tokle, J. G. (2010). Credit Union Growth in Mid-sized Markets. New York Economics Review, 41, 45-56.

South Eastern State Bank

Tokle, R. J. and Wells, G. R. (2009). South Eastern State Bank: Defined Benefit versus Defined Contribution. Annual Advances in Business Cases, 28, 1-8.

The Influence of Cret Unions on Bank CD

Tokle, R. J. (2005).
The Influence of Credit Unions on Bank CD Rate Payments in the U.S. New York Economic Review, 36, 57-64.

Sexual diversity awareness in pateints

Williams, DJ. (2012). Sexual diversity awareness in patients: The importance of being nonjudgemental. Australian Family Physician, 41, 745.

Beyond Educator: Preactitioner Binaries

Williams, DJ., Hartle, R. T., et al. (2011). Beyond Educator: Practitioner Binaries: Overcoming barriers to cooperation, In Beyond binaries in education research, 242-257.

Playful deviance

Williams, DJ. and Strean, W. B. (2011). Playful deviance. Critical Essays in Applied Sport Psychology, 129-144.

Childhood sleep problems

Wong, M. M., Brower, K.J., Nigg, et al. (2010).
Childhood sleep problems, response inhibition, and alcohol and drug-related problems, Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 34(6), 1033-1044.

Pubertal development

Wong, M. M. (2010).
Pubertal development, sleep problems, and alcohol use: Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 34(12), 2019-2021.

Cerebrovascular perfusion

Xu, X., Jerskey, B., et al. (2014). Cerebrovascular perfusion among older adults is moderated by strengh training and gender, Neuroscience Letters 560(7), 26-30.


Xu, X., Aron, A., Westmaas, J.L., Wang, J., & Sweet, L.H. (2014). An fMRI study of nicotine-deprived smokers' reactivity to smoking cues during novel/exciting activity, PLoS ONE 9(4): e94598.

Nicotine & Tobacco Research

Xu, X., Clark, U.S., David, S.P., et al. (2014). The effects of nicotine deprivation and replacement on BOLD-fMRI response to smoking cues as a function of DRD4 VNTR genotype, Nicotine & Tobacco Research 16(7), 939-947.

Editing Nature in Grand Canyon National Park Postcards

Youngs, Y. (2012).
Editing Nature in Grand Canyon National Park Postcards. Geographical Review, 102 (4): 486-509.

On Grand Canyon Postcards

Youngs, Y. (2011).
On Grand Canyon Postcards. Environmental History, 16 (1): 138-147.

Transportation System as Cultural Landscapes

Youngs, Y., White, D. and Woodrich, J., (2008). Transportation Systems as Cultural Landscapes in National Parks, Society and Natural Resources, 21 (9): 797-811.

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