Third-Year Evaluations (Pilot for 2011-12)

ISU Lower Campus

The purpose of the third-year evaluation is to provide the tenure-track faculty member with a more thorough analysis of his or her progress toward tenure than an annual evaluation. Each year, the Dean's Office will contact chairs informing them of any tenure-track faculty in their department who will be in their third year of employment in a tenure-track position at ISU.

  1. The person under review will provide a curriculum vitae. He or she will also provide a two-year report of professional activities in the areas of teaching, scholarly activities, and service using the Tenure and Promotion Application form as required by Academic Affairs. However, only one binder of support materials is necessary. Support materials must include copies of previous annual evaluations, course syllabi, summaries of student's course evaluations, and representative publications or creative activities for the review period.
  2. The evaluation process will include informed input by peers. This input must go beyond a simple vote by colleagues. At a minimum, a committee of at least two tenured colleagues from the department will review the record of the person undergoing evaluation and write a brief report (1-2 pages) on teaching (including a summary of quantitative and qualitative student evaluations), scholarly activities, service, and potential for earning tenure. This report is forwarded to the chair. In the case where a department does not have two tenured colleagues (not counting the chair), then a tenured faculty member from another department within the College Division may serve on the committee.
  3. Annual evaluations from the previous two years will be considered as a part of this process; these evaluations will be attached to the third-year evaluation report that is submitted to the Dean's Office.
  4. External letters of support will not normally be a part of this process. Individual departments, however, may establish a policy for external letters; a faculty member undergoing a third-year evaluation may ask for external letters of support to be included in the process.
  5. The department chair will consider the materials presented by the candidate and the departmental committee report, and write an independent evaluation of teaching, scholarly activities, and service. This evaluation will be presented to the Dean using the standard form required by Academic Affairs.
  6. The Dean will review the reports of the committee and the chair and make a recommendation to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs using the standard form required by Academic Affairs.
  7. The faculty member under review will have five working days to respond to any of the reports made within this process (by the departmental committee, by the chair, by the College Executive Committee, by the Dean) before the recommendation is passed along to the next level. The candidate may respond only once at each level.
  8. A department may write its own third-year evaluation policy for tenure-track faculty, providing greater specificity to the one outlined above. Before implementation, the policy must be approved by the Dean.


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