The Trumba calendar system has many features that allow users to find and share campus events.

Events can be sorted by type and audience.

Events can be added to your personal calendar (Google calendar, Outlook, etc.)

It can even send you emails or text messages to remind you of specific events.


The sidebar

First in the sidebar is the Submit Event button. All faculty, staff and students are welcome to submit events. Please allow up to 72 hours for your event to be reviewed and approved by a calendar editor.
For more information, see the submission information below.

The small calendar view allows you to change the month and (in certain views) see events on individual days.

View allows you to choose the way in which you want to view events.
There are 5 views:
Month (default)
Detail List
3 column

You can choose which events you see by selecting different event types. All types are selected by default.

Audience types allow for secondary filtering after event types have been chosen.

For specific inquiries, the search function will find any text in any upcoming event.


The Topbar

The topbar functions allow users to share events, post them to personal calendars, and get reminders about them.

Many of these functions require you to select specific events - events have checkboxes.

PRINT will print all events that show on the screen.

SUBSCRIBE allows for multiple ways to track the calendar:
Daily email
RSS Feed
Atom Feed
iCalendar Feed
Download iCalendar File

iCal downloads a .ics file that can be uploaded to other calenders, ie Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar.

RSS enables users to add live bookmarks to RSS applications such as feedly, or outlook.


Add To My Calendar shares selected events with the calendar platform of your choice:
Yahoo! Calendar
Office Outlook Calendar
Windows Live Calendar
Apple iCal
Google Calendar

Remind Me By Email will send a reminder about a selected event to your inbox anywhere from 1 week to 15 minutes before an event.

Notify Me Of Changes sends an email if event details change.
Forward To My Friends emails event information to whomever you choose.
Remind Me By Txt Message will send a reminder about a selected event to your inbox anywhere from 1 week to 15 minutes before an event.
Email Me Event Info will send an email with all details of an event.
Txt Me Event Info will send a text with all details of an event.
Download Event Info supplies an iCal file for download.

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Filling out the submission form

The submission form has been organized in a specific way to help filter and sort calendar events. Users will be able view events based on the information you provide.


Submitter information: if there is a problem with or question about your submission, we need to be able to contact you. Name and email are required.

Event Information: Details about the event will make it easier for users to find your event and give them information they need to know.

Give a specific location for your event. 'To be announced' locations will not be approved.

Events can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. Events with irregular repititions will need to be submitted separately.

Event type and audience are required. You can choose multiple types and audiences. Users will be able to sort calendar events based these types and audiences. Select the categories that are most appropriate for your event. Please, do not select all event types.

Providing a cost will allow users to plan before arriving at the event. If your event is free, leave it blank.

The web link will allow you to direct the user to more information. This may link to a page about the event, a department or college page, or to the tickets page.

Provide concise information about your event. Keep in mind that the details of your event may seem obvious to you, but are not always obvious to others.

When you are finished, click next.


You will be able to review your information and make changes.

When you click submit, you will receive an onscreen confirmation and an email confirmation.

Please allow up to 72 hours for your event to be reviewed and approved by a calendar editor.

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